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Kootenay National Park

Badger Hot Line

American badger Taxidea taxus jeffersonii
American badger Taxidea taxus jeffersonii
© R. Klafki

Wanted: Badgers

Alias: Ol'Gopher Breath

Appearance: flattened body, black and white face, long claws

Last Known Residence: a burrow 30 cm in diameter with a large mound of dirt on the doorstep

If you have seen: a live badger, a dead badger, badger diggings, or know where badgers have occurred in the past, please report the exact location to:

The Badger Hot Line

  • toll free in 250 area code
  • In the East and West Kootenays: 1.866.352.2343
  • For the rest of British Columbia: 1.888.BADGER6 (223.4376)

Badgers are an endangered species in British Columbia, mainly due to highway mortality and loss of habitat. Badgers are an important part of grasslands ecosystems. We need your help to recover populations.

For more information: Badgers in British Columbia