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Kootenay National Park

The Badger - A Species at Risk

Badger Stewardship

In the East Kootenays, less than five percent of available badger habitat is within protected areas. The key to conserving the endangered badger is stewardship on private land. These individuals and organizations are providing leadership in badger-friendly practices:

Go to bat for badgers!
Stewardship means taking care of something of value. Here are some ideas for land-owners to help conserve the endangered badger as well as rare grassland habitat:

  • Protect known badger burrows from disturbance.
  • Tolerate ground squirrels; they are the badger's main food. A badger can eat up to two ground squirrels a day, helping to control these rodents.
  • Report badger sightings and burrow locations to the Badger Hotline 1.866.352.2343 .
  • Use fences that allow native wildlife to pass through.
  • Restrict recreational vehicle-use on delicate grasslands.
  • Consider putting a conservation covenant on your land.