Tour Operators

Note: The service descriptions below are provided by the operators. Gwaii Haanas does not necessarily endorse any of these services.

Licensed Operators List

Anvil Cove Charters

Discover the natural and cultural wonders of Gwaii Haanas with Island residents, Keith and Barb Rowsell. We feature adventure and “kayak mothership” tours of the Haida cultural sites, wildlife and coastal rainforest. Enjoy it all from the comfort and security of 53' schooner, Anvil Cove.

Keith and Barb Rowsell
Anvil Cove Charters
Box 454, Queen Charlotte, B.C. V0T 1S0, Canada
Phone& Fax: (250) 559-8207

Archipelago Ventures Ltd.

MV Island Bay Archipelago Ventures Ltd.

Nourish the body, mind and spirit with a six-day wilderness adventure aboard the MV Island Bay, fully equipped for touring and mothership kayaking. Our captains and guides have worked in this area collectively for over forty years and bring a local perspective to enhance your experience of this magical place.

2 - 3871 River Road West, Delta , B.C. V4K 3N2
Phone: (250) 652-4913.
Toll-free: 1-888-559-8317. 

Atlas Ocean Tours

Experience the trip of a lifetime with local resident and long-time Gwaii Haanas tour captain James Nickerson. Specializing in classy, comfortable and fun trips, we offer small-group tours and are fully equipped as a kayak mothership. Enjoy exceptional wildlife and Haida cultural sites aboard Atlas, our 42’ Defever-designed motor yacht.

James Nickerson and Catherine Rigg
Mail: PO Box 34, Tlell, BC, V0T 1Y0
Phone: 250-557-8514

Bluewater Adventures

Bluewater Adventures Bluewater Adventures

Award-winning, educational wildlife and cultural sailing tours. Join expert educators and guides - marine biologists, anthropologists, ornithologists, and Haida leaders - traveling with the group. The beautiful, 70' sailing vessel, Island Roamer provides 8 private cabins (double occupancy), crew of 4, single & double kayaks, zodiacs for frequent shore excursions.

#3-252 East First Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 1B3
Phone: (604)980-3800
Fax: (604)980-1800
Toll Free: 1-888-877-1770

Butterfly Tours - Sea Kayak Haida Gwaii

Butterfly Tours - Sea Kayak Haida Gwaii Butterfly Tours

Expertly guided wilderness sea kayak tours and mothership cruises. Journey to the ancient Haida village of SGang Gwaay Llnagaay (Ninstints). Specializing in single kayaks-our group size is six guests.

Owner & guide, Gord Pincock, has kayaked throughout Gwaii Haanas since 1981; His guiding experience and safety record are unsurpassed.

#303 - 5855 Cowrie St., Sechelt, B.C., V0N 3A3
Phone: (604) 740-7018
Toll Free: 1-866-568-3770

Duen Sailing Adventures

Duen Sailing Adventures Duen Sailing Adventures

Explore 'The Natural Coast' aboard certified, solid heritage sailing vessel. Guided by expert naturalist and crew since 1986. Experience a rich and proud Haida Culture. Encounter whales and abundant wildlife.

Guided: Haida sites, shore & intertidal explorations, natural hotsprings, kayaking. Small group travel – Accommodations: 8 in 4 private double cabins.

Michael and Manon Hobbis
P.O. Box 398
Brentwood Bay, B.C. V8M 1R3
Phone: (250)896-8227
Toll-free and fax: 1-888-922-8822 (Canada and USA) 

Gnoses Sailing Adventures

Gnoses Sailing Adventures Gnoses Sailing Adventures

Sail the Gwaii Haanas archipelago. Visit Haida villages, see the sights, wander shorelines, and explore low tides offering hiking, kayaking and customized tours. As sailors and teachers in
outdoor education, we enjoy families with kids. “Gnoses” is not luxurious, she is our home. Our emphasis is enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Ralph Nelson
P.O. Box 371
Queen Charlotte BC V0T 1S0

Green Coast Kayaking Ltd.

Leaders in inclusionary and educational kayak tours. Paddlers take part in meal preparation and daily route planning. Local owner and guide, Jo Hager, has led tours in Gwaii Haanas since 2000. Six single and two double kayaks. Paddle 4 - 6 hours most days. 8-day trips from CDN $1655 - $1710.00.

Green Coast Kayaking Ltd.
P. O. Box 670
Queen Charlotte, B.C. V0T 1S0
Phone: (250)557-4562

Gwaii Haanas Guest House and Kayaks

Gwaii Haanas Guest House and Kayaks Gwaii Haanas Guest House and Kayaks

Rustic, comfortable accommodation and meals in Gwaii Haanas. Accessibility: boat, floatplane. Rigid hull inflatable speedboat excursions focusing on cultural and natural heritage to ancient totem poles at Ninstints (SGang Gwaay Llnagaay), bird colonies, sea lion rookeries, remote beaches, giant trees, Hotsprings. Beachcombing, hiking. Local guide/owner. Sea kayak rental. English! French! Thai! Lao!

Patrick & Walladda Lemaire
Box 578, Rose Harbour,
Queen Charlotte, BC, V0T 1S0
Phone: (250) 559-8689 Answering machine

Haida Gwaii Charters (2010) Ltd

Haida Gwaii Charters (2010) Ltd Haida Gwaii Charters (2010) Ltd.

Haida Gwaii Charters (2010) Ltd is pleased to offer 4 and 7 day fully serviced sailing tours into Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site.

Our tours accent the strong cultural connection of this amazing place with the natural beauty and diverse ecosystems still thriving here to be seen/observed/felt.

Certified Tour Operator
Bill Woodworth
Box 1365, Skidegate, B.C. V0T 1S1

Highlander Marine Services Ltd.

Highlander Marine Services Ltd. Highlander Marine Services Ltd.

Specialized marine support services aboard the high speed aluminum landing craft "Haida Gwaii Highlander". 30' x 10' transport Canada certified high speed landing craft capable of carrying 2 tones cargo and/or 10 passengers. Towing, freight movement, film support, research support, special interest groups, construction support, small vehicle movement and more.

PO Box 1535, Skidegate, B.C. V0T 1S1
Phone: (250) 637-1111

Inland Air Charters Ltd.

Inland Air offers memorable and exciting tours into the heart of Gwaii Haanas. Fly in a DHC-2 Beaver, accommodating
1—6 persons to the ancient village sites of Skedans (K’uuna Llnagaay), Nan Sdins (SGang Gwaay Llnagaay), and Hotspring Island (Gandll K’in Gwaay.yaay). Our twenty-five years of experience and knowledgeable pilots will ensure you have a spectacular trip.

Box 592, Prince Rupert, B.C., V8J 3R5
Phone: (250)559-4222
Toll Free: 1-888-624-2577
Fax: 250-627-1356

Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures

Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures

Join Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures on fully inclusive 8 to 15 day sea kayak expeditions of Gwaii Haanas. Each trip is lead by two highly experienced naturalist/guides with a maximum of 8 guests kayaking single and double kayaks. 2013 will be Kingfisher's 15th year leading exceptional sea kayaking expeditions to many British Columbia destinations.

P.O. Box 1318, Port McNeill, B.C. V0N 2R0
Phone 250-956-4617
Toll Free: 1-866-546-4347
United Kingdom:020 3239 7378

Maple Leaf Adventures

Maple Leaf Adventures Maple Leaf Adventures

One of National Geographic Adventures’ “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth”, Maple Leaf has operated experiential sail cruises in Haida Gwaii since 1988. Highlights: expert naturalists, cultural interpreters, whale and seabird viewing, frequent shore excursions, Haida villages, hotsprings. Amenities: 92-ft schooner, accommodations for eight, kayaks, fishing, zodiacs, hydrophone, library, talented chef.

Kevin Smith
Box 8845 Stn Central
Victoria BC V8W 3Z1
Phone: (250)386-7245
Toll-free: 1-888-599-5323

Moresby Explorers

Moresby Explorers Moresby Explorers

Touring the waters around Gwaii Haanas since 1988 has earned us a growing reputation for providing fun, educational and safe wilderness adventures at affordable prices. Locally owned and operated. We offer zodiac boat tours one to four days long, floating lodge accomodations, dive tours, kayak rentals and transportation, and general outfitting.

P. O. Box 127,
Sandspit, B.C. V0T 1T0
Phone: 250-637-2215
Toll Free/Fax/Phone: 1-800-806-7633

Mount Moresby Adventure Camp

Jonathan Dunsmore
Box 142, Queen Charlotte, B.C., V0T 1S0
Phone: (250)559-7896

Nautilus Swell Nautilus Swell

Nautilus Swell

The 90' Nautilus Swell combines liveaboard comfort, safety and excellence in guest services with the warm feeling of a vintage wooden vessel.

With a maximum of 12 guests, diving from our 38' dive skiff couldn’t be easier. We ensure great guest experiences diving and exploring Gwaii Haanas.

Phone number: 604-241-1918

Ocean Adventures Charter Co. Ltd.

Ocean Adventures Charter Co. Ltd. Ocean Adventures Charter Co. Ltd.

We offer cultural and natural history tours into Gwaii Haanas onboard our 54' motor yacht, Great Bear II. With her experienced crew, you will enjoy unparalleled service, comfort, privacy, and gourmet cuisine!

We believe our small group size of up to six guests; will help ensure you experience the trip of a lifetime!

Eric and Trish Boyum
#404 - 1144 Strathaven Drive
North Vancouver, BC V7H 2Z6
Phone: (604) 812-9453
Fax: (604) 988-5990

Ocean Light II Adventures

Ocean Light II Adventures Ocean Light II Adventures

As the longest running operator in Gwaii Haanas we offer exciting adventure and natural history trips into the heart of the archipelago. Our beautiful Ocean Light II 71' ketch provides spacious and comfortable accommodation for nine.

We encourage special interest groups, photographers, families and individuals seeking adventure to join us.

Jenn Broom
363-1917 West 4th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C., V6J 1M7
Phone: (604) 328-5339

Ocean Sound Kayaking Company

Ocean Sound Kayaking Company Ocean Sound Kayaking Company

Owner/Operated since 1995! Ocean Sound Kayaking offers fully catered 8 and 10 day sea kayak expeditions with superb meals to small groups. Using a mixed fleet of single and double kayaks provides our guests the comfort, safety and independence they deserve. No experience necessary. Visit us at

1034 Cougar Creek Drive,
Canmore, AB T1W 1A7
Phone: (403) 609-5576

Outer Shores Expeditions

Outer Shores Expeditions Outer Shores Expeditions

Explore and experience the pristine wilderness, stunning wildlife, and ancient cultures of Gwaii Haanas while living and travelling aboard the 70-ft classic wooden schooner Passing Cloud. Guided by our crew of professional mariners and expert naturalists, small groups of 6 to 8 guests enjoy wildlife viewing, photography, interpretive walks, sailing, sea kayaking, and cultural site visits, all while delighting in fabulous food and exceptional accommodation.

Russell Markel
360 B Harbour Road, Victoria, BC, V9A 3S1 
Phone: 1-855-714-7233 (toll free in North America)
1-250-220-2311 (local and International)

Queen Charlotte Adventures

We offer guided eco-tours by: boat, sea-kayak and land in Gwaii Haanas and other areas of the Charlottes. Our focus is on cultural and natural history. We provide services to individuals, groups, film and photographic crews.

Box 248, Queen Charlotte BC V0T 1S0
Phone: (250)559-8990
Fax: (250)559-8983
Toll Free: 1-800-668-4288

Rose Harbour Guest House

Rose Harbour Guest House Rose Harbour Guest House

Operating since 1987 in southern Gwaii Haanas. Birdwatcher's Paradise. Spectacular views. Boat tours. SGang Gwaay totems. Old growth forest. Whaling station. Nature observation. Customized experiences to your heart's desire, or package tours. Be guided by the year-round resident.

Goetz Hanisch,
Box 437, Queen Charlotte, B.C. V0T 1S0
Phone: (250)559-2326

Tofino Expeditions

Tofino Expeditions Tofino Expeditions

Our kayaking trips visit what we, after over 20 years guiding here, consider the best attractions of the Islands. We offer full service guided trips in southern Gwaii Haanas that highlight the significant natural and cultural features of the area. We have a reputation for great camp?food and minimum impact camping..

18 Crawford Bay
Port Moody, B. C. V3H 3N3
Phone: (503) 364-0400
Fax: (503) 364-5326
Toll Free: 1-800-677-0877

Wayne Nicol

Wayne Nicol Wayne Nicol

For the ultimate in personalized exploration, step aboard our customized Macgregor 26M motor /sailor. These craft have incredible safety features, and are ideal for exploring secluded waterways.

One group per boat (local guide included). Be as involved or as relaxed as you like. U-decide trip durations. Custom itineraries.

Wayne Nicol
Mail: Box 244, Port Clements, B.C. V0T 1R0
Phone: 250 557 2434

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