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Artists in Gwaii Haanas

Artists can bring new meanings to Canada’s natural and cultural treasures. To help explore these creative understandings, Gwaii Haanas and the Haida Gwaii Museum offer a unique opportunity to several artists.

Our residency program immerses visual artists into the isolated land and seascapes of Gwaii Haanas during a 5-10 day period. Guided by Gwaii Haanas staff, the artists have the chance to witness the best of the remote islands and forests and are free to carry out their artistic research. Artists spend an additional week in residence on-site at the Haida Gwaii Museum.

When they return to their home studios, they create artwork to be exhibited at the Haida Gwaii Museum and in venues across Canada.

Artists experience Gwaii Haanas
Artists experience Gwaii Haanas © Parks Canada

Through this unique outreach opportunity, contemporary Canadian artists are helping new audiences gain a different understanding of special areas like Gwaii Haanas.

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