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Gulf Islands National Park Reserve


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Backcountry Camping 

For a rugged, back-to-nature experience, we offer a wide variety of backcountry campsites throughout the Southern Gulf Islands. We do not currently accept reservations for backcountry sites other than Shingle Bay on North Pender Island. Backcountry campgrounds operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

Backcountry sites cost $4.90 per person per night. This fee must be paid upon arrival and deposited into our red self-registration vaults. There are sign posts at each campsite to display your receipt for staff. If sign posts are unavailable attach permit to tent.

Maximum 5 people per site.

At backcountry campsites in Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, you will find:

  • Tent pads, platforms or open field campsites
  • Pit or composting toilets
  • Picnic tables (all sites except James Bay on Prevost Island)
  • Beach access
  • No potable water – bring enough for you and your party
  • No campfires are permitted in the backcountry (including below the high tide mark)

Backcountry Campgrounds

D’Arcy Island

Isle-De-Lis/Rum Island

Princess Margaret/Portland Island (Shell Beach, Princess Bay and Arbutus Point Campgrounds)

Pender Islands (Beaumont Campground, Shingle Bay Campground)

Cabbage Island

Prevost Island (James Bay Campground)

Saturna Island (Narvaez Bay Campground)