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Gulf Islands National Park Reserve


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Backcountry Camping 

For a rugged, back-to-nature experience, we offer a wide variety of backcountry campsites throughout the Southern Gulf Islands. We currently only accept reservations for the following backcountry campgrounds:

  • Shingle Bay Campground, North Pender Island
  • Beaumont Campground, South Pender Island
  • Narvaez Bay Campground, Saturna Island

All other backcountry sites cost $4.90 per person per night. This fee must be paid upon arrival and deposited into our red self-registration vaults. There are sign posts at each campsite to display your receipt for staff. If sign posts are unavailable attach permit to tent.

Maximum 5 people per site.

At backcountry campsites in Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, you will find:

  • Tent pads, platforms or open field campsites
  • Pit or composting toilets
  • Picnic tables (all sites except James Bay on Prevost Island)
  • Beach access
  • No potable water – bring enough for you and your party
  • No campfires are permitted in the backcountry (including below the high tide mark)

Backcountry Campgrounds

D’Arcy Island

Isle-De-Lis/Rum Island

Princess Margaret/Portland Island (Shell Beach, Princess Bay and Arbutus Point Campgrounds)

Pender Islands (Beaumont Campground, Shingle Bay Campground)

Cabbage Island

Prevost Island (James Bay Campground)

Saturna Island (Narvaez Bay Campground)