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Glacier National Park

Day Hikes in Glacier National Park

Eight hiking trails lead from the Illecillewaet Campground up the Illecillewaet and Asulkan valleys. These trails range from the 1-km Meeting of the Waters trail, a gentle loop stroll through the woods past the junction of the Asulkan and Illecillewaet streams, to all-day, knee-pounding grinds of more than 1000 m elevation gain up to spectacular alpine ridges and viewpoints. This collection of trails makes a stay at the Illecillewaet Campground a hiker's dream vacation! Read on for a virtual hiking experience. Don't forget to check the Safety, and Weather and Trail Conditions sections of this website if you decide to go for a hike here!

Illecillewaet and Asulkan Valleys and trails Trails in the Illecillewaet and Asulkan Valleys / © Parks Canada
Sir Donald Trail Avalanche Crest Trail Perley Rock Trail Glacier Crest Trail Asulkan Valley Trail Great Glacier Trail Marion Lake Abbot Ridge Trail Sapphire Col Hut Asulkan Hut Wheeler Hut Illicillewaet Campground

Other Park Trails

Self-Guided Trails in Glacier National Park