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Glacier National Park

Winter Camping

Winter backcountry camping in Glacier National Park 
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Very limited winter vehicle camping is available in the park, at the Illecillewaet/Asulkan Trailhead parking lot only. Tenting is not permitted. Camping at the trailhead, as well as overnight parking for Wheeler Hut guests require permits which are available at no charge at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre.

Winter camping is not allowed at any other locations along the Trans-Canada Highway in the park.

Winter backcountry camping is allowed only in Winter Unrestricted Areas, and beyond five kilometres from the trailhead. Backcountry camping requires both a Wilderness Pass and a Park Pass.

Backcountry camping is not allowed in Winter Restricted Areas or Winter Prohibited Areas.

Please note that Glacier Park Lodge in Rogers Pass is currently closed.

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