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Student Internships

Do you enjoy a summer job where you get to meet new and interesting people every day? Have you thought about working for Parks Canada?

Each year Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Park of Canada fills summer positions in our campground, at the visitor centre, at the administration office and in the warden service. Most of our jobs run over the peak summer months. Most of our summer positions are filled by permanent seasonal employees who report to work every summer on a continual basis. However, when vacancies occur or special projects are in progress that require additional recruiting, we recruit either through the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) administered by the Public Service Commission of Canada or through the local Human Resources Centres.

The FSWEP is designed to place secondary and post-secondary students into positions which correspond with their academic studies or provide first-time work experience opportunities. In order to be eligible for this program, students must be currently enrolled as full-time and be returning to full-time studies in the following academic year. Students' applications are placed in a national computerized inventory. Departments receive referrals to fill FSWEP vacancies from this inventory only. Students are thus only required to apply to one location, in order to be considered for all FSWEP vacancies nationally.

FSWEP applications are accepted by the Public Service Commission of Canada for this program on an on-going basis. Applications can be completed on-line on the Public Service Commission of Canada's website. The Regional Public Service Commission of Canada office that serves our area is located at: 210, 757 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3N2 ((604) 666-0350). Student jobs within Parks Canada are normally available between mid-May and August.

Local high school students are hired through the Revelstoke Community Career Centre at 315 Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, B.C. Applications are accepted when specific job openings have been posted. All other students are hired through the FSWEP program. Your application should clearly indicate that you are enrolled as a full-time student and will be returning to full-time studies in the next academic term.

If you aren't a student, you should watch for regular job postings on our office doors in Revelstoke, at the Golden Employment Services office, the Revelstoke Community Career Centre, and on their website under the Revelstoke Employment Services Centre. For a quick overview of other Parks Canada employment, as well as volunteer positions, and opportunities for non-Canadians, we suggest that you visit the Jobs @ Parks Canada web pages.

We appreciate your interest in employment with Parks Canada.

National Park Careers

National parks require a wide variety of skills: from administration to management, to interpretive and educational skills, resource management, biology, trades and highway maintenance, public safety, search and rescue, and enforcement of the National Parks Act. For more information on types of jobs and careers with national parks, and on how to apply, consult the Parks Canada jobs page.

Non Canadians and Volunteers

National Parks in Canada are run by a department of the federal government. In order for us to hire someone who does not have Canadian citizenship, we would first have to prove that there is no Canadian who wants the job. As you can imagine, this is a rare circumstance.

If paid employment is your objective in Canada, you might find work with a private company, as they are not bound by the same restrictions as the government. Contact your local Canadian embassy for more information on immigration and on available jobs, or search the Internet for companies in your field of interest in the region where you would like to work. There are many businesses in and around the parks who hire international students.

For more information on requirements for working in Canada or if you are interested in volunteering in a national park, visit Jobs @ Parks Canada. For more information on volunteering, see the Volunteering with Parks Canada web pages, or contact the Parks Canada Volunteer Program.

National parks have very few volunteer positions available each year and cannot predict what opportunities will come up. Volunteers receive no pay, but are compensated for out-of-pocket expenses directly related to the project. While accommodation may be provided at no cost, availability varies from park to park and season to season. You should be prepared to pay for food and accommodation if need be. Most parks prefer that volunteers stay for a minimum of one month to justify the time spent on orientation and training. Volunteers are considered to be workers under Canadian immigration law. Non-Canadian citizens must obtain an employment authorization from a Canadian embassy or consulate, at a cost of $CDN150. 00.

Student Internships

Only a very few national parks or national historic sites are capable of hosting student internships and practicums. Such applications are most successful when they come through the university or college's network of academic contacts across Canada. Your proposal will need to relate very specifically to a current project or program taking place in the parks or sites in order to be considered. Talk with your academic advisor if you are seeking a practicum or internship in a Canadian national park. Internships are managed under the Parks Canada Volunteer Program.