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Glacier National Park

School Programs ~ Explore Nature and the Past

Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks offer a variety of school programs which are linked to the BC curriculum. Some programs can also be adapted for adult groups. 

Current availability for School Groups (PDF, 51 kb) 

Elementary School Programs

Program NameGradesSeason
Wild and Wacky Plants K-3 Sc S
Herbivore, Carnivore
K-3 Sc S
Earth Art
4/5 Art F,S
Wild Weather
4 Sc W,S
Extreme Environments
6Sc F
Predator Prey
7 Sc/PE F, S
Art in the Park
6/7 S
5-7 Sc/PE W
Cooperative Games
7 PE F, S

Wild and Wacky Plants (K-3)
Through games and an interpretive walk, students use their five senses to explore the world of wild plants in the rainforest and wetlands. Themes include identification, aboriginal uses, the needs of plants, and the importance of plants to other living things.
Location: Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk, Mount Revelstoke National Park

Herbivore, Carnivore (K-3)
Students examine a variety of skulls, pelts, tracks and scats from animals in the region. Using this information, students will determine whether the animal is a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. Students will participate in a variety of mimicry and guessing games, which highlight the physical and behavioural characteristics and adaptations of animals.
Location: Nels Nelsen Chalet, Mount Revelstoke National Park

Mushroom painting During the Art in the Park program students connect with the natural world through observation and artwork.
© Parks Canada

Earth Art (Gr. 3-5)
Based on the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy, students create a 3D art piece using only objects found in Nature.
Location: Nels Nelsen Chalet, Mount Revelstoke National Park

Wild Weather
(Gr. 4)
Through role-play and the use of models, students will learn why we have seasons and how the local mountains’ effects what they wear to school.
Location: Nels Nelsen Chalet, Mount Revelstoke National Park 

Extreme Environments (Gr. 6)
On the summit of Mount Revelstoke, students will explore the challenges unique to alpine environments. They will discover technologies used to explore and survive in these exceptional settings.
Location: Nels Nelsen Chalet, Mount Revelstoke National Park

Predator Prey (Gr. 7)
In this large group activity, students take on the role of an animal in the local forest. Students collect food and water tokens to keep their animal alive, and find hiding spots (shelter) to protect them from predators. The game introduction and debrief sessions examine predator-prey relationships and food webs.
Location: Nels Nelsen Chalet, Mount Revelstoke National Park

Snowshoeing Snowshoeing in Mount Revelstoke National Park
© Parks Canada / Alice Weber
Art in the Park (Gr. 6-7)
Students are introduced to various visual arts concepts, including complementary colours, movement, texture, and rhythm. Using basic watercolour techniques and observation skills, students work independently on a landscape painting in a natural setting. Students will have the opportunity to learn from each others work.
Location: Nels Nelsen Chalet or Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk, Mount Revelstoke National Park

Snowshoeing (Gr. 5-7)
For PE classes, safe winter travel and preparedness are the main focus. It will include travel on trails and active games. For science classes, there is an interpretive emphasis on winter ecology, as well as plant and animal adaptations to winter.
Location: Soren Sorensen Trails (base of Mount Revelstoke)

Cooperative Games (Gr. 7)
Students participate in a number of different challenges or problem–solving activities. After the activity, instructors facilitate a debrief about how the group worked on the problem, in relation to communication and leadership skills.
Location: Nels Nelsen Chalet, Mount Revelstoke National Park

Secondary School Programs

Program NameGradesSeason
On the Rocks
8 Sc, EarthSc11 F
8-12 PE W
Peculiar Procreation
9 Sc S
Ancient Alpine
Ab. Support, FN12 F, S
Predator Prey
7 Sc/PE F, S

On The Rocks – Water and Ice (Sc8, ES11)
Students will explore the summit of Mount Revelstoke in order to better understand the ways in which water and ice shape the local landscape. A model of the watershed will assist them in understanding the changes at a landscape level.
Location: Mount Revelstoke Summit

Snowshoeing (PE 8-12)
Safe winter travel and preparedness will be the main focus of a snowshoe hike. Students will travel on trails, and participate in active and cooperative games.
Location: Mount Revelstoke's Soren Sorensen Trail (2km and 5km Loop Trail) or Glacier National Park's Wheeler Hut

Students by the River © Parks Canada / Alice Weber
Peculiar Procreation (Sc9)
This program takes advantage of the spring season to allow students to explore the reproduction of plants and animals in our local woods. Themes will include plant identification, sexual and asexual reproduction, and natural history.
Location: Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk, Mount Revelstoke National Park

Ancient Alpine (AbSupport, FN12)
Students will explore the Creation Story through art pieces designed by three of the local aboriginal nations and exhibited on the summit of Mount Revelstoke. They will travel the summit trails and learn about aboriginal plant uses as they relate to food, medicine, technology and harvesting methods. The bird’s eye view of the valleys will demonstrate transportation routes and geography of the area.
Location: Mount Revelstoke Summit

School group at Skunk Cabbage The Skunk Cabbage boardwalk gives students a chance to experience dragonflies, beavers, frogs and some amazing plants.
© Parks Canada / Verena Blasy
Most programs run between one to two hours in length. A variety of additional activities can be added to expand programs to suit class needs.

Park programs are free. Entry fees are charged at some locations ($3.00/student).

Program Instructors
Verena Blasy (BSc, BEd) and Alice Weber (BSc) bring their enthusiasm for teaching, fascinations with nature, and passion for the past to every learning adventure. They have twenty years combined teaching experience in classrooms and outdoor schools.

“You did such a fabulous job with the students! You’re an excellent manager, teacher, and presenter.”
- Doug Gillett, Geography 12 teacher, Okanagan Mission Secondary School.

“The kids were engaged and so was I! Please come back!”
- Kathy Speirs, Grade 4 teacher.

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