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Glacier National Park

Bear Creek Falls Trail

Bear Creek Falls Bear Creek Falls / © Parks Canada

Length - 580 m (one way)
Hiking time - 1 hour (round trip)
Elevation range - 871 to 933 m (62m)
Trailhead - 9 km eastward from the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre (eastbound side of Hwy 1; no left-hand turning lane for westbound traffic; short paved road to trailhead)
Map Coordinates -  
117°26'7"W 51°21'13"N

This short hike on a moderate grade has an unusual start – a downhill route! However, after an easy stroll to the falls, you may work up a bit of steam returning to your vehicle.

The Connaught Creek waters cascade over the falls to join the Beaver River a short distance downstream. The Beaver River then flows north out of the park and joins the Columbia River at Beavermouth. From here, the Columbia River pushes north between the Rocky and Columbia Mountains and makes a grand arc around the Selkirk Ranges before heading south on a course that ends in the Pacific Ocean.

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