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Glacier National Park

Great Glacier Trail

Great Glacier trail / © Parks Canada

Length - 3.2km (one way)
Hiking time - 1.5 - 2 hours (uphill)
Elevation change - 1245 to 1566m (321m)
Trailhead - Illecillewaet Campground
Map Coordinates - 117°29'31"W 51°15'49"N (trailhead)

The Vaux Glacier Vaux Glacier, seen from the Great Glacier trail
© Parks Canada - John G. Woods
The "Great Glacier," now called the Illecillewaet Glacier, has been a well-known landmark to visitors in this region since the 1880s. At that time, a hike to the icy snout of the glacier was a short stroll from the railway and the comforts of Glacier House. Over the past century, the ice has receded about 1.5 km upslope.

This is among the shortest trails of the Illecillewaet area. It stops well short of the Illecillewaet Glacier and the view of the glacier is blocked from the trail's end by the sloping bedrock below it. However, it gives an excellent panorama of Mount Sir Donald and the Vaux Glacier to the East.


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