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Glacier National Park

Bald Mountain Wilderness Hiking Route (Copperstain Pass area to Caribou Pass area)

Bald Mountain Wilderness Bald Mountain Wilderness
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Length – 16-40 km (varies with route selection)
Hiking Time – up to 4 days (varies with route selection)
Elevation Gain – up to 1130 m (varies with route selection)

The Bald Mountain Wilderness Hiking Route crosses the rolling subalpine meadows that form the east boundary of Glacier National Park. Bald Mountain is a very remote part of the park, where visitor preparation and self-reliance are critical. The hiking route will receive only minimal annual maintenance, and travellers need to be prepared for the rigours of remote travel. Route-finding skills are particularly important given the number of low visibility days on Bald Mountain.

With maintenance discontinued on the Copperstain and Beaver Valley trails, safe access to the Bald Mountain Wilderness Hiking Route will now only be available via the Spillimacheen provincial forest road and the Purcell Mountain Lodge area. The lodge is located just outside of the park near Copperstain Pass, and is accessible by helicopter or on foot from the end of the forest road.

From Purcell Mountain Lodge, a trail leads through BC Crown Land to the north end of the Bald Mountain Hiking Route and the summit of Copperstain Pass on the park boundary. A secondary trail branches off at the pass to ascend Copperstain Mountain. The Copperstain Mountain trail will remain open to the public. The Copperstain Pass backcountry campground will be decommissioned.

From the Copperstain Pass area, the Bald Mountain Hiking Route follows the park boundary south to Caribou Pass. For much of this distance, the hiking route is not marked and visitors use landmarks to find their way. Backpackers planning to camp in the Caribou Pass area are required to use the designated backcountry campground in order to prevent widespread impact on the fragile subalpine vegetation.

Caribou Pass Connector Trail descends from Bald Mountain to the Beaver River valley-bottom, south of the Twenty Mile area. The connector trail and the portion of the Beaver Valley Trail to Twenty Mile will remain open, but will receive only limited maintenance. The designated backcountry campground at Twenty Mile will remain open for visitor use.

The Beaver River cable car, which provided access to the Glacier Circle Trail, was officially closed in 2009. Glacier Circle Cabin, operated by the Alpine Club of Canada, will continue to be accessible only by way of the Illecillewaet Neve during the snow-free season.

Map of Hiking Trails in Glacier National Park Map of Hiking Trails
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Map of Hiking Trails (PDF, 2.7 MB)