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Waterton Lakes National Park

Hours, Facilities and Services

Visitor Centre Visitor Centre
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Waterton Lakes National Park is open year-round.

Our peak visitor season is during July and August. If you are planning a trip to Waterton during these months, be sure to book your accommodation in advance. From late fall to early spring, most park facilities are closed and few services are available.  

Most services are located in the community.

There are eight hotels, several restaurants and lounges, a variety of church services, one fuel station, camping supplies, groceries, pool and spa facilities, bank machines, gift shops, tennis courts, playgrounds, a post office, launderette and theatre.

Interpretive guides, bicycle rentals, golf course, horse stables, boat tours on Upper Waterton Lake and canoe or rowboat rentals at Cameron Lake are also available.

See our A-Z of Activities in Waterton Lakes National Park.

For further information, contact the Waterton Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Association

Dates of Operation - 2014

Park Facilities and ServicesWhen Open (subject to weather)
Park Gate April 25-October 14
Park Reception Year-round, Mon-Fri, 8.00am-4.00pm
Visitor Information Centre
  • May 10-June 25, 9.00am-5.00pm
  • June 26-Sept. 1, 8.00am-7.00pm
  • Sept. 2-Oct. 13, 9.00am-5.00pm
Townsite Campground May 10 to Sept. 15, if weather allows. Campground on self-registration to Thanksgiving, Oct. 12). Visitors may camp there later as weather allows, but water/sewer will be shut off.
Crandell Mountain Campground May 15 to Sept. 1 (campground on self-registration from May long weekend to June 21. No reservations at this campground)
Crandell Tipis June 28-Sept. 1
Belly River Campground May 10 to Sept. 8 (subject to weather)
Pass Creek (winter campground) Oct. 15 to April 30 (open once Townsite Campground closes)
  • Belly River Campground, April 1
  • Townsite Campground, April 3 (reservations May 10 to Sept. 7) 
  • Crandell Tipis, May 10 
Red Rock Parkway – including picnic sites First weekend in May to Oct. 31

Akamina Parkway (entire road)

Akamina Parkway (to Little Prairie Picnic Area only)

Long weekend in May to Oct. 31

Nov. 1 to just before long weekend in May

Chief Mountain Highway - including picnic sites 
  • First weekend in May to Sept. 30 (open only to Belly River Bridge until customs opens May 15, thereafter completely open)
  • Oct. 1-Dec. 31 (no maintenance - Three Flags to Belly River Bridge, remaining section closed from Belly River Bridge
  • Jan. 1-first weekend in May (no maintenance - from junction 5&6 to highway closure at Belly River Bridge) 
Heritage Centre (operated by the Waterton Natural History Association) May 15-Sept. 20
Park Interpretive Programs June 27-Sep. 1 (Falls Theatre & Crandell Theatre)
Guided Hikes
  • International Peace Park Hike, June 28-Aug. 30 (Wed. & Sat.) 
  • Other guided hikes will be added. Stay tuned!

The nearby communities of Pincher Creek, Cardston, Mountain View and Twin Butte also offer a variety of services including hotels, motels, bed and breakfast and ranch vacations.