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Waterton Lakes National Park encourages local residents and visitors to experience the park first hand through volunteer opportunities.

Programs in Waterton provide a range of opportunities for visitors of all group sizes and ages to become directly involved with park protection.

By volunteering, you can personally connect to Waterton by taking an active role to protect the ecological and cultural integrity of the park, while gaining an in-depth knowledge of the species found here and the issues facing them.

Get behind the scenes, learn something new and make a difference. There are lots of ways you can volunteer, here are just a few:

If you would like to receive emails about volunteer events and opportunities, send us your name, email address and an optional message (if you want to indicate your particular interests).

Partners in Conservation

Parks Canada in Waterton Lakes National Park works with regional partners on issues that range beyond the borders of our respective jurisdictions. Working to restore the health of ecosystems requires cooperation and coordination.