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Transcript for Ecosystem Investigator Camp

[Standard Parks Canada intro: beaver logo and web address]

These days a lot of kids don't have a chance to play and learn in nature.

[Timelapse footage on the Blakiston Fan in Waterton Lakes National Park]

[Kids sit around a camp fire]

And Parks Canada's award-winning Ecosystem Investigator Camp gives them just that chance.

[A school bus arrives at camp]

We bring students from all over southern Alberta;

to spend two nights and three days in Waterton learning about healthy ecosystems

[Parks Canada staff teach kids about nature in various places in Waterton Lakes National Park]

For a child growing up in the city, getting out in the wilderness can be just a dream; so we hike across the prairie; we hike in the mountains; and sometimes we are lucky enough to see species like moose and bears and cougars.

But we also learn about other species; species at risk like the halfmoon hairstreak butterfly, and how knapweed is threatening its habitat.

We go out on the Blakiston Fan and pull knapweed with the children so they can learn how to contribute to healthy ecosystems.

[A group of Parks Canada staff and children shout weedbusters after pulling knapweed]

[Timelapse footage of the Waterton sky]

We meet our Blackfoot neighbours, and we learn about how they would set fires on the prairie and the green grass would attract the bison back.

[Bison in the Bison Paddock in Waterton Lakes National Park]

The Waterton Ecosystem Investigator Camp just has so much to offer our students.

Text on screen reads [learning], kids are pictured together listening to Parks Canada staff

Text on screen reads [fun], a kid does a goofy dance

Text on screen reads [culture], kids take part in a traditional Blackfoot dance

Text on screen reads [creativity], kids do some skits

Text on screen reads [Wilderness], timelapse footage of Waterton

Text on screen reads [games], kids play games together at camp

Kids charge towards the camera, shouting

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