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Parks Canada staff at Waterton Lakes National Park and residents of the Waterton community share personal tips and recommendations to help you get the most out of your visit to the park.

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

    10 Things To Do in the Spring

    1. Walk through the fescue grasslands and look for the first blooms of prairie crocus.
    2. Download our new interpretive app for the Bear's Hump. It's the perfect travel companion for Waterton's most popular trail.
    3. Walk the Linnet Lake trail, pause every so often, close your eyes, listen to bird calls and take a deep breath to smell the spring time.
    4. Get ready for another great volunteer season at the annual Volunteer Kick Off.
    5. Drive the Bison Paddock Loop Road to look for bison calves.
    6. Have a spring bird 'big day'. Count how many different types of birds and ducks you see at Maskinonge.
    7. Walk through the mist coming off Cameron Falls as meltwater roars out of the mountains.
    8. Fly a kite!
    9. Try to spot one of each of the year's babies: a deer fawn, an elk calf, a bear cub. From a safe distance of course!
    10. Visit Driftwood Beach or walk the Townsite Lakeshore trail and see what new flotsam has washed up over the winter.
  • 10 Things To Do in the Summer

    1. Drive the Bison Paddock Loop Road and walk up to the viewing area for a spectacular view of Waterton Lakes National Park.
    2. Take an easy walk through a pretty forest to Blakiston Falls.
    3. Join the Parks Canada interpreters for a variety of guided hikes, fun family activities and drop-in theatre programs.  
    4. Watch the waves crash against the Prince of Wales hill on a windy day.
    5. Go flower 'watching' along Bertha Trail.
    6. Enjoy a picnic and do some birdwatching at the Maskinonge.
    7. Go on a hot summer's mid-day jaunt to Crandell Lake for a dip.
    8. Cycle the Kootenai Brown Trail and Red Rock Parkway.
    9. Hike the Alderson-Carthew trail from Cameron to townsite.
    10. Have fun at the Knapweed Rodeo - and help us wrangle this Waterton weed!

    Others: Go tubing down the Waterton River on a hot August afternoon; Attend a summer event; Take a picnic lunch into Crandell Lake; Watch the stars on Red Rock Parkway; Take the Waterton Geocaching Challenge challenge; For more hardy folks - hike to the ridge above Lineham Lakes along the Rowe/Tamarack Trail; Kayak on any of the lakes, but especially wildlife watching from a boat on Cameron Lake; Kite-flying on the Prince of Wales hill.

    10 Things To Do in the Fall

    1. Go kayaking on Cameron Lake or Lower Waterton Lake.
    2. Enjoy a fall hike to Rowe Lakes or Summit Lake to see the golden larches.
    3. Watch and photograph wildlife like black bear, elk and deer. Fall is a particularly good time to view wildlife.
    4. Watch migrating waterfowl on Maskinonge or Lower Waterton Lake.
    5. Go for a bike ride on the Kootenai Brown Trail, Snowshoe Trail or along one of our scenic parkways. They are quieter at this time of year.
    6. Enjoy the stars in the earlier night-time hours, perhaps from Cameron Lake, Bison Overlook or Entrance Parkway.
    7. Visit Blakiston Fan and watch and listen to the elk bugling
    8. Hike any trail and absorb the clear blue sky and clean cool air of Alberta fall days in the mountains.
    9. Go storm watching during high wind events along the lake shore in the community or Prince of Wales hill.
    10. Wax your skis for an AWESOME ski season ahead!

    Others: Wander through the community on a quiet weekday when things are still open but the pace is so much less hectic; Make s'mores in one of the camp kitchens; Enjoy a picnic in any of the magical places in the park; See how many waterfalls you can find; Enjoy the views; Watch for golden eagles from any of the trails and ridges as they migrate south during the autumn months; Look for wildflowers (there are still lots in bloom); Smell the huckleberry bushes on Lineham trail.

    10 Things To Do in the Winter

    1. Snowshoe into Crandell Lake and picnic in the shelter.
    2. Go for a ski or walk on a full moon night - and hope the coyotes howl!
    3. Cross-country ski the Dipper and Cameron trails to Cameron Lake and have a hot chocolate at Little Prairie picnic area.
    4. Sit around a fire at the Community Kitchen and watch the big waves hit the beach.
    5. Watch the sunrise from Lower Waterton Lake pull-out on the Entrance Parkway.
    6. Snowshoe up and over the Akamina Pass and have a picnic on the continental divide.
    7. Walk along the river between the Marquis Hole and the Hay Barn (be prepared for muddy or icy conditions).
    8. Bring your skates (as once in a while the ice on the lake turns into a spectacular skating rink. Always call the warden office for ice conditions before venturing out).
    9. Walk around the community on the Townsite Trail on a squeaky cold, clear and calm day; and watch for dippers below Cameron Falls.
    10. Go walking or snowshoeing along the Red Rock Parkway, Marquis Hole or Hay Barn Road and look for animal tracks in the snow.

    If you have any suggestions for our lists, send an email to Top 10s

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