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Waterton Lakes National Park


With extraordinary natural charms packed into a compact space, Waterton Lakes National Park offers plenty to keep visitors busy. Sightsee on the park’s scenic roadways, and keep an eye out for abundant wildlife. Explore natural attractions, from a vivid red canyon to mist-cloaked waterfalls. Or check out the postcard-perfect community of Waterton Park, with great day hiking, a historic 1927 hotel and a range of water activities.

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Winter in the park
Discover some ideas for fun and interesting things to do and see in Waterton Lakes National Park this winter.
Get on the water: boat, fish, kayak and more
Home to a string of pristine mountain lakes, the park is a paradise for anyone who enjoys being on, in or near the water.
Low-season adventure in fall, winter and spring 
Warm summer temperatures bring the crowds in July and August, but Waterton is a year-round destination, with great fall foliage, snowshoeing in winter and wildflowers in the spring.
Protect Park ecosystems as a volunteer 
Multiple volunteering opportunities give visitors a chance to gain an up-close understanding of the park’s unique ecosystems. Activities include wildlife and flower counts, native seed collection, tree planting and even the removal of pesky invasive species.

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