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Jasper National Park

Athabasca Group Day-Use Site

Athabasca Group Day-Use Site © A Different Angle Photography

The Athabasca Terrace is a rare grassland eco-site within Jasper National Park. The terrace contains the Athabasca Group Day-Use Site and a small recreational airstrip.

This conveniently located site, only a short 10 minute drive from the Jasper townsite along Highway 16, boasts a stunning backdrop of golden montane grasses set against an idyllic riverside location. This is the perfect place for a group event such as a picnic, wedding or any other kind of outdoor celebration that offers a striking mountainous location with an abundance of space to be a success.


For picnic facilities there is a cook shelter with a wood stove, picnic tables, a briquette barbeque, a group firepit and several washrooms. Adjacent to the picnic site situates a ceremony site with stunning views of the Colin range, an arbor and log benches (both under construction) providing seating for up to 150 people.

While overnight camping is not permitted at the Athabasca Day-Use Site, rentals are for 24 hours to permit adequate time for set-up and tear-down. Personal items and belongings can remain on-site, but all cooking equipment, garbage and food must be stored off-site before and after the event.

Contact Information & Fees

Call 780-883-0845 to make a booking or e-mail with your name, date, group size and type of event.

Fees for booking this site are $50. 

Athabasca Group Day-Use Site 

Special Considerations

  • Please remember this is a day-use facility and overnight stays are not permitted at this location, please access the Jasper National Park camping link for a wide variety of campgrounds and services. If you have security concerns please discuss this at the time of booking.

  • The Athabasca Group Day-Use Site is located in a grassland conservation area, it is also an important habitat for many animals in the park. To help preserve this special area please:
    • Respect vehicle and drop-off zones to help reduce the impact of vehicles on the surrounding grasslands.
    • Arrange shuttle services should your group vehicle size be over the maximum vehicle capacity of 40 and park in the designated area only.
    • Leave no trace. Remove all cooking equipment, garbage and food before and after the event.

  • Located in the Athabasca Terrace and a good distance from the group area is a small active airstrip, please avoid walking along the landing strip and refrain from approaching the airplanes. Tampering with aircraft is a serious safety issue and punishable under the criminal code of Canada.