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Jasper National Park

Realty & Municipal Services

Public Notice

Parks Canada is seeking one (1) resident of Jasper National Park to sit as a member of the Committee of Adjustments (Planning and Development Advisory Committee) for a term of three years. There are approximately 10 meetings per year, and an honorarium is paid per meeting.

Purpose of the Committee:

  • The Planning and Development Advisory Committee will review and provide recommendations on applications for development, variances and relaxations, discretionary uses, re-zonings and subdivisions in the town of Jasper and other developed areas within Jasper National Park.
  • The Advisory Committee may act as an ad hoc committee on planning and development related issues outside of the town of Jasper.

Member Eligibility:

  • Employees of Parks Canada or the Municipality of Jasper are not eligible for committee membership.
  • Members must be residents of Jasper National Park.

Application Process:

  • Individuals are required to provide a letter of interest that outlines their experience, qualifications and interest in being a committee member.
  • Candidates may be asked to participate in an interview selection process.
  • Deadline for applications is Monday, November 9, 2015 at 4 pm.
  • Application letters may be submitted to Cathy Jenkins, Manager of Realty & Municipal Services, Parks Canada by the following means :
    1. delivered to the Jasper Heritage Railway Station, 607 Connaught Drive, Jasper;
    2. mailed to Cathy Jenkins, c/o Box 10, Jasper, AB, T0E 1E0;
    3. e-mailed to

For more information or to review a copy of the committee terms of reference, contact the Jasper Development Office at 780-852-6223.

Public Hearing

Committee of Adjustments (Planning and Development Advisory Committee)

3:30 pm, Thursday, November 19, 2015
Grand Trunk Pacific Boardroom, Jasper Heritage Railway Station
607 Connaught Drive, Jasper

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Block 20, Lot 5 – 709 Maligne Avenue - The proponent has applied to vary the maximum number of permitted washrooms.   
  2. Block 14, Lot 21 – 106 Patricia Avenue – The proponent is constructing an addition to the residence and has applied to vary the maximum number of permitted washrooms.
  3. Block 3, Lot 6 – 311 Patricia Street – The proponent has applied to operate two rooms of private home accommodation, which is a discretionary use.  The proponent is also requesting a variance for tandem parking.

Parties affected by these applications are invited to make written or oral presentations to the committee. Oral presentations at the meeting are limited to 5 minutes and are by appointment only. Written presentations to a maximum of 500 words may be submitted to the Development Office. To make an appointment or submit a written presentation, contact the Parks Canada Development Office at 780-852-6223 no later than 1:00 PM on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.

Development Permits and the Planning and Development Advisory Committee Notices are posted in the lobby of the Jasper Heritage Railway Station - Parks Canada administration building, 607 Connaught Drive, Jasper, and also announced on the following website:

Notice of Decision

Jasper National Park Committee of Adjustments (Planning and Development Advisory Committee)


Public Notice

October 21, 2015

The following projects have received Development Approval:

1. Block 35, Lot 26 - 1 Aspen Crescent - New Garage Construction
2. Parcel FW, Unit 5 - 1080 Bonhomme Street - Finishing of Basement

Anyone interested in viewing the above projects may do so by making an appointment with the Jasper Development Officer at 780-852-6223.