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Jasper National Park

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Public Hearing

Committee of Adjustments (Planning and Development Advisory Committee)

3:30 pm, Thursday, December 18, 2014
Grand Trunk Pacific Boardroom, Jasper Heritage Railway Station
607 Connaught Drive, Jasper

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Block 13, Lots 13 & 14 – 120-122 Connaught Drive – Appeal of conditional approval to rezone from Two-Unit Dwelling District (R2) to Multi-Unit Dwelling District (R3b).

Parties affected by these applications are invited to make written or oral presentations to the committee. Oral presentations at the meeting are limited to 5 minutes and are by appointment only. Written presentations to a maximum of 500 words may be submitted to the Development Office. To make an appointment or submit a written presentation, contact the Parks Canada Development Office at 780-852-6223 no later than 1:00 PM on Wednesday, December 17, 2014.

Development Permits and the Planning & Development Advisory Committee Notices are posted in the lobby of the Jasper Heritage Railway Station - Parks Canada administration building, 607 Connaught Drive, Jasper.

Date of posting: November 27, 2014

Notice of Decision

Jasper National Park Committee of Adjustments
(Planning and Development Advisory Committee) 

Applications heard at the public meeting held at 3:30 pm on Thursday, November 20, 2014 in the Grand Trunk Pacific Boardroom, Jasper Heritage Railway Station, 607 Connaught Drive, Jasper, Alberta.

  1. Block S, Lot 32 – 42 Stan Wright Drive - The proponent, Whitney Edmondson, has applied to conduct flower arranging and distribution, which is a discretionary use.

    a) Discretionary Use: DECISION: APPROVED


  1. Block 3, Lot 17 – 306 Connaught Drive – The proponents, Raydi Investments Ltd., have applied to demolish the existing building and replace it with a new building containing combined commercial and residential use which requires approval for discretionary use and 8 variances.

    a) Discretionary Use – Eating & Drinking Establishment: DECISION: APPROVED

    b) Variance – 9.(6)(b) – Site Coverage: DECISION: APPROVED

    c) Variance – 9.(6)(c) – Maximum Eave Height: DECISION: DENIED

    d) Variance – 9.(6)(e) – Rear Setback: DECISION: APPROVED

    e) Variance – 9.(6)(f) – Projection into Setbacks: DECISION: APPROVED

    f) Variance – 9.(6)(g) – Landscaping: DECISION: APPROVED

    g) Variance – 7.(11)(a) – Outdoor Amenity Space: DECISION: DENIED

    h) Variance – 7.(5)(a) – On-Site Commercial Parking: DECISION: CONDITIONAL APPROVAL
    Eight (8) commercial parking stalls be obtained through a contribution to the Municipality of Jasper,
    Parking Authority Bylaw #170.

    i) Variance – 7.(10)(a) – Staff Accommodation: DECISION: CONDITIONAL APPROVAL
    Proponents to enter into lease amending agreements with restrictive a clause for all properties
    containing required Staff Accommodation. These amending agreements will restrict the bedrooms
    from being used as Private Home Accommodation now or in the future.

Date of posting: December 3, 2014

Public Notice

November 13, 2014

The following project has received Development Approval:

Block 35, Lot CM-2 – 205 Aspen Close – Wood Stove Installation

Anyone interested in viewing the above projects may do so by making an appointment with the Jasper Development Officer at 780-852-6223.