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Electrical, Plumbing and Gas Permits

What are electrical, plumbing and gas permits?

An electrical, plumbing or gas permit is a legal document for the purpose of establishing the authority and responsibility of the person undertaking the work. By contracting with an accredited, Parks Canada approved inspection service, the lessee ensures that the work is being performed in a safe and satisfactory manner in compliance with all applicable building codes, rules and regulations.

Why do you need a permit?

In the interest of public safety and as required by the Safety Codes Act, all electrical, plumbing, and gas installations require a permit and are subject to appropriate inspections.

When do you need an electrical, plumbing or gas permit?

Without exception, the following work requires an electrical permit:

  • all new installations
  • relocating fixtures
  • replacing, altering or upgrading wires

Without exception, the following work requires a plumbing or gas permit:

  • all new installations
  • renovations, upgrading or relocations of existing plumbing pipes or fixtures
  • water and sewer service connections
  • gas appliance replacement or additions
  • meter relocations
  • replacing, altering or upgrading gas lines
  • installing a secondary natural gas line
  • propane tank and cylinder installation
  • service line installation and/or replacement

How do you get a permit?

Contact a Parks Canada accredited inspection agency to receive an application form. More information is available by contacting the Jasper National Park Development Office.


Fees for inspections are payable directly to the accredited inspection agency. Generally, electrical permits cost between $50-100. Plumbing and gas permits are charged per fixture, with a minimum fee. All fees are subject to change.


This document has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various codes and regulations currently in effect. It is meant solely to provide general information that may be of assistance to the developer. The development authority should always be contacted for accurate information

For more information, contact the Jasper National Park Development Office at (780) 852- 6162.

This document is published by Realty & Municipal Services, Jasper National Park as a public information service.
January 2006

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