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Jasper National Park of Canada

Help Shape Your Heritage. Help Guide Our Future

For the first time, Canada’s seven mountain national parks—Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho, Glacier, Mount Revelstoke and Waterton Lakes are working together to review and shape their future as they update their park management plans.

What’s a management plan?

Management plans are forward-looking documents that provide a vision of the parks at their future best and the strategies for getting there.

And we need your help. That’s because management plans are more than a document on national parks. They are a part of every Canadian’s legacy and Parks Canada’s commitment to protect, manage and plan for the future of Canada’s special heritage areas.

Why get involved?

Parks Canada is accountable to you. Your values and views are at the core of every management plan. And that’s why we need to hear from you. Your input will help provide the direction needed to deliver on Parks Canada’s mandate of protection, education and the visitor experience.

For More Information

Visit our management plan review website (see below) or review and comment on any one of the attached information sheets. To comment, e-mail .

Jasper National Park Information Sheets

Have your say

Check out our management plan review Website. Review and comment on information about proposed plan updates, join an on-line discussion forum or find out about upcoming presentations and workshops near you. To access the Website, e-mail . You will receive a password and further instructions to log on.

What the future holds

By the fall, draft management plans will be released for public review. Updated plans will be submitted for approval and tabling in Parliament in spring of 2010.

Help shape your heritage. Help guide our future.