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Jasper National Park of Canada

Marmot Basin Ski Area Site Guidelines for Development and Use

Appendix 4: Glossary

See also definitions in the Ski Area Management Guidelines in Appendix 1.


The following definition is intended to guide decisions in ski area planning and is not to be used in the development review process. Development includes:

  • The construction, modification or expansion of any fixed physical works (including trails, roads, parking lots, utilities etc) or structures.
  • Expansion or modification of ski terrain.
  • Modification of vegetation structure or composition. Routine tree removal on existing serviced terrain for regular maintenance, safety or to meet code requirements is not included.
  • The introduction of new land uses (excluding those activities that are similar in nature i.e. Skiing, snowboarding, snow biking etc are all based on sliding downhill on ski run).
  • Substantive changes in intensity of use (summer or winter) in areas that were previously low use.

Development Footprint:

The area within exterior foundation walls of buildings and structures, excluding decks, patios and unenclosed spaces.

Harmonic Protection:

Electrical grounding and filters for ski lifts to prevent problems associated with surges, overheating and instability. Harmonic protection of lifts also contributes to energy conservation.

Heritage Tourism:

The World Tourism Organization defines heritage tourism as "an immersion in the natural history, human heritage, arts, philosophy and institutions of a region or country". "For national parks, this definition has been expanded to include environmental stewardship." In Jasper National Park of Canada, "this means it will be a place where people find a range of opportunities to enjoy, understand, appreciate and participate in the preservation of its natural, cultural and scenic features. Powerful and memorable experiences will contribute to Jasper's reputation as one of the world's most unique and environmentally sound tourism destinations." (Jasper National Park of Canada Management Plan, 2000, page 30)


A ski run that is developed between existing ski terrain/developed areas.


A condition or limitation placed on development or use.


A long, narrow, gentle traverse across steep terrain that is used to move from one ski node to another.


Any human activity that occurs on or adjacent to the leasehold.

Warming Hut:

A small, modestly sized facility, providing shelter and rudimentary and basic facilities such as washrooms, heat and limited snacks.

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