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Jasper National Park of Canada

Marmot Basin Ski Area Site Guidelines for Development and Use

Appendix 2: Ski Area Planning Process

Vision (prepared by ski area with Parks Canada input)

  • The vision outlines potential future initiatives the ski area may wish to advance in the planning process that are consistent with the Ski Area Management Guidelines

Site Guidelines (prepared by Parks Canada with ski area input) [6 - 8 months]

  • Site Guidelines outline the potential initiatives that can be considered, conditions, growth limits and broad parameters for the type, nature and location of development and use in order to guide the preparation of Long-Range Plans
  • Parks Canada prepares preliminary draft site guidelines - review with ski areas and stakeholders 8 ;
  • Prepare draft site guidelines and draft Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Public consultation (open houses, website)
  • Parks Canada finalizes site guidelines and SEA
  • Approval (Parks Canada CEO)

Ski Area Long-Range Plan (LRP) (ski area prepares) [ 9 - 12 months]

  • The LRP describes the project proposals and major changes in activities the ski area wishes to advance in a specific time frame (5 to 15 years).
  • Ski area identifies initiatives consistent with the site guidelines they wish to advance and the specific time frame (5 to 15 years) and consultation 9 strategy
  • Parks Canada prepares comprehensive study (CS) terms of reference - review with ski area and approves consultation strategy
  • Stakeholder and public consultation on terms of reference
  • Tracking decision (CS, panel review or mediation - Minister) [3 to 4 months]
  • Prepare Best Management Practices 10
  • Ski area prepares draft LRP & CS
  • Stakeholder and public consultation
  • Ski area makes revisions to LRP and CS
  • Parks Canada prepares CS summary report and determination and submits to the CEA Agency

CEA Agency Consultation on Comprehensive Study [minimum 3 months]

  • CEA agency consultation on CS Report
  • Parks Canada responds to public concerns
  • Minister makes determination on CS Report

Decision on Long-Range Plan [minimum 2 months]

  • Ski area makes adjustments to LRP if necessary
  • Minister makes decision on LRP

Project Permitting 11 (if LRP is approved)

  • Ski area advances individual projects, final design; development review

Follow-up and Monitoring

8 Parks Canada will undertake consultation with key stakeholders.
9 Ski area prepares consultation strategy for LRP and CS for review and approval by Parks Canada.
10 Best Management Practices address ski hill routine projects and activities for which environmental effects are well known, predictable and can be largely managed though standardized environmental protection measures.
11 Once implementation of a Long Range-Plan is complete, the ski area may identify another suite of project proposals they wish to advance and prepare a new Long-Range Plan and associated comprehensive study based on the ski area Site Guidelines and proceed to the permitting stage once again, as outlined above, following approval of a new Long-Range Plan.

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