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Jasper National Park of Canada

Marmot Basin Ski Area Site Guidelines for Development and Use

5.15 Employee Accommodation

Ski Area Management Guidelines

"New employee housing, except those required for security reasons, will be provided in the communities."

Page 4, Ski Area Management Guidelines , Minister of Environment, December 7, 2006

Jasper Community Land Use Plan

  • The provision of affordable housing, for both long and short-term residents, will be a priority.


  • Ensure there is sufficient, adequate housing for ski area employees.

Existing Situation

  • The ski area employs between 225 employees in winter. A maximum of 25 additional employees are expected to be required as a result of ski area build out.
  • Employee housing is provided in the Town of Jasper.

Site Guidelines

5.15.1 A housing strategy will be required as part of the Long-Range Plan. The strategy must be consistent with community plan direction and the Ski Area Management Guidelines .

5.15.2 Housing to support increases in the number of employees will be in place prior to the completion of those ski area projects that require additional staff.

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