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Jasper National Park of Canada

Marmot Basin Ski Area Site Guidelines for Development and Use

5.10 Winter Activities

Ski Area Management Guidelines

"In winter new activities will be consistent with the park management plan or related park wide direction. Motorized (excluding ski lifts) activities will not be permitted. Activities that take place inside commercial buildings and non-motorized activities, that take place on ski runs and that involve sliding downhill similar to skiing and snowboarding, can be considered outside of a Long-Range Plan subject to Superintendent approval."

Page 6 and 7, Ski Area Management Guidelines, Minister of Environment, December 7, 2006


  • Support a range of activities appropriate to the national park setting.
  • Complement ski area activities with those that are available elsewhere in the Park.
  • Minimize impacts on wildlife.

Existing Situation

Existing activities include: downhill skiing and snowboarding, snow biking, access to adjacent backcountry skiing opportunities, regional ski races and ski related sporting events. The season of operation is generally from early November to mid May depending upon snow conditions.

Site Guidelines

5.10.1 The following existing activities and services can continue: downhill skiing, snow boarding, regional ski races and ski related sporting events, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snow biking, food services, ski school, day care, retail in direct support of skiing activities and rental equipment.

5.10.2 Hang gliding and paragliding will not be permitted.

5.10.3 New activities and new special events will require Superintendent approval.

5.10.4 A Best Management Practice will be developed to address racecourse management in order to mitigate potential ecological impacts.

5.10.5 Terrain modification to support competitive events can be considered but subject to the terrain modification guidelines identified in section 5.6.

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