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Jasper National Park of Canada

Marmot Basin Ski Area Site Guidelines for Development and Use

5.4 Ski Terrain/Run

The Ski Area Management Guidelines define Ski Terrain as:

"An area that is routinely skied over the course of a normal ski day (subject to avalanche and snow conditions). The terrain includes alpine areas, formally cut runs/trails, gladed areas, cat tracks, roads, liftlines or connectors. The terrain has been developed or is serviced. It does not include areas that require ski touring, hiking, or climbing to access or egress areas that are not serviced."

Page 10, Ski Area Management Guidelines, Minister of Environment, December 7, 2006

Ski Area Management Guidelines

"Within the Developed Area, improvements to services and facilities can be considered. Additional infill ski runs, glading, run widening and parking can be considered. The Long-Range Plan will include a run improvement and vegetation management strategy."

Page 3, Ski Area Management Guidelines, Minister of Environment, December 7, 2006


  • Ensure ecosystem functioning is maintained and protect ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Provide additional terrain that is suitable for beginner and advanced skiers.
  • Reduce skier congestion.
  • Improve connectivity, skier traffic flow and circulation.
  • Ensure terrain is consistent with Growth Limits.

Existing Situation

  • 84 numbered ski trails over 218 hectares.
  • There is inadequate beginner terrain.
  • There is no terrain park or half pipe.

Site Guidelines

5.4.1 Allow new runs, glading and run widening consistent with the ecological management parameters (see section 5.2) and the run/vegetation management strategy (see section 5.11). New runs and glading should be carefully designed and apply Best Management Practices to minimize viewscapes impacts.

5.4.2 Terrain parks can be considered in the sub-alpine as outlined in section 5.6. Terrain modification may be considered.

5.4.3 In the alpine, terrain parks can be considered where there is no terrain modification.

5.4.4 On an exception basis as set out in section 4.0, Parks Canada is prepared to consider the following potential initiatives:

  • A Terrain Park, including a half pipe and associated significant terrain modification on the lower section of Lift Line below the Tranquilizer chair; alternatives are to be explored to minimize impact on vegetation and the amount of terrain modification required;
  • Cross-country ski and snowshoe trails in an area below Eagle East and Rock Gardens will be managed under a License of Occupation 4 . The License of Occupation will be subject to the approval of a Long-Range Plan and legislative changes as outlined in section 7.1 and 7.2. A teaching zone, children's snow park, and magic carpets will also be considered for this area (see map #1). New ski lifts to service this area can be considered. The boundary of the License of Occupation, cross-country ski trails, and ski terrain configuration will be carefully selected to avoid potential grizzly bear den sites (see SEA); and
  • A skiers egress from Tres Hombres to Lower Keifers, subject to completion of a caribou risk assessment that assesses the impact on caribou of potential development on the Whistlers Creek bed area and surrounding up-slopes and the effectiveness of potential mitigations as described in section

4 The Licence of Occupation area will not be part of the Developed Area. Specific conditions for the management of the area will be outlined in the Licence of Occupation.

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