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Jasper National Park


Interpretation and communications in the Maligne Valley


What is interpretation and communications?

The landscape holds many stories. The Maligne Valley is rich in stories of nature’s transformation and human history. Interpretation is a way of revealing these stories to listening ears. These stories can be communicated in many different ways, from displays and brochures to active story telling.

Parks Canada and commercial operators also use a variety of methods to reach visitors with information to help them plan their trip to the valley, and to orient them to safe and appropriate ways to experience the area.

What’s working well?

Three main topics for interpretation are identified in the Jasper National Park Management Plan: wildlife, the karst system and human history. Interpretive panels at Maligne Canyon were recently updated and several new panels, such as the one above, are planned for other popular stops along the Maligne Lake Road.

Interpretive programming has increased in recent years; Parks Canada roving interpreters are spending more time in the valley during peak season and the Wildlife Guardians have been providing visitors with information at wildlife viewing locations since 2010. Commercial operators provide many different guided activities in the valley.

Trailhead kiosks throughout the valley have been updated and anew pedestrian signage was installed this summer at Maligne Lake.

Web-based information about the valley is available on Parks Canada and third party websites.

What needs improvement?

Interpretive panel in the valley

Many of the interpretive panels in the valley were installed in the 1970’s and are dated, either in appearance or content. More recent interpretation, such as the caribou panels at Medicine Lake and the human history panels at the Maligne Lake Chalet, contain good information, but are not part of an integrated storyline. We would also like to know more about Aboriginal ties to the valley.

Directional and information signs need to be replaced in many locations and there is no specific signage welcoming visitors to the Maligne Valley.

This is where you come in. What information would elevate your visit from great to awesome? What topics would you like to know more about?

Through the Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy planning process, we are asking:

How can we improve interpretation and communications in the Maligne Valley so that it plays a more integral role in the visitor experience and resource protection?

Please send us your ideas at

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