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Transcript for Through Ice and Time Trailer

Animated title

TEXT [Columbia Icefield Jasper National Park]

[Aerial shot over snow-covered peak]

[Aerial shot from behind clouds to jagged glacier covered mountain]

[Aerial shot over crevasse covered Athabasca glacier three people walking on glacier in far distance]

[Aerial shot over icefield with glacier covered jagged peak surrounded by clouds in the distance]

[Aerial shot directly over three people walking on glacier]

[Aerial shot with jagged mountain peak surrounded in clouds]

[Aerial shot with three people skiing across glacier on horizon attached via climbing rope]

[Aerial shot with steep snow covered mountain cliffs and jagged glacier covered mountain peak]

[Aerial shot over large glacier crevasses with loud ice cracking noises. Fades out to black.]

[Text fades in and out (Through Ice and Time)]

[Man with skis on his back jumps over small stream that is flowing over glacier into a deep carves in slow motion. Dramatic Music.]

[Parks Canada Logo]

[© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Parks Canada, 2013.]

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