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Jasper National Park

Cavell Road Opens for Winter Use
February 16th, 2013

What’s happening?

As of February 16th, Cavell Road and Astoria Trail will re-open for winter use. Thank you for respecting the seasonal closure and for your support for caribou conservation actions.

Areas opening for use include:

  • The Cavell Road
  • The Tonquin Valley (Astoria) Trail
  • The Eremite/Wates-Gibson Trail

*Access to areas above the hostel and the Astoria Trail parking lot remain closed pending results of geotechnical assessment.

While the trails are open, this is still important caribou habitat. Please give them space.


Caribou bull caught on remote camera 
Caribou bull caught on remote camera 
© Parks Canada

In Jasper National Park, the Cavell Road, Astoria Trail and surrounding area are important winter habitat for woodland caribou. In winter, woodland caribou are found at high elevation in areas of open slopes and deep powder. Caribou are well adapted to life in deep snow giving them a distinct advantage over their predators, who find it more difficult to travel through deep snow. Packed trails can lead wolves into these otherwise inaccessible areas. A seasonal closure has been implemented on the Cavell Road, Astoria Trail and the Tonquin Valley areas to prevent packed trails from giving wolf populations access to this important winter caribou habitat during periods of deep snow. The area reopens mid February as by that time the snow is usually more compact and packed trails will have less of a significant impact on predator movement.

For further information

Parks Canada trail crews intend to groom the trail base and track set (classic and skate) on Friday, February 15th. It is expected that the trail will be ready for skiing by the end of the day, February 16th.

Parks Canada continues to work on advancing actions in support of caribou conservation in Jasper National Park, and there will be opportunities to participate in public information and consultation sessions. To find out about upcoming events or to receive caribou conservation updates from Parks Canada, please contact us at 780-852-6204 or email

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