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Transcript for Campfire Programs

Animated title

[The sound of a crackling campfire is heard]

(TEXT) Jasper National Park Presents

(TEXT) Campfire Programs

[Parks Canada beaver logo on the jacket of a Park Interpreter.]

[Park Interpreter using pocket knife to whittle end of a stick.]

[Campfire burning in fire ring.]

[Park Interpreter demonstrating how to wrap bannock dough around end of stick and placing next to fire so it can bake.]

[Campers rolling bannock dough between hands to make a long strip.]

[A coffee cup resting on bench next to crackling campfire while bannock bakes.]

[A group of campers baking bannock on a stick around campfire.]

[Park Interpreter using hand gestures to explain a story.]

[Camera pans behind a group of campers to reveal the Park Interpreter referring to a map.]

[Close up of an historical map with bannock and marshmallows roasting behind it.]

[Close up of a golden brown baked bannock on stick.]

[Close up of campers hand as he puts jam on his bannock.]

[Close up of campers eating their bannock.]

[Close up of roasting marshmallow.]

[Scene fades out and is replaced wispy clouds crossing a gibbous moon.]

(TEXT) Shot on location at Wilcox Campground, Jasper National Park of Canada

(TEXT) Music by My Bubba & Mi

[Scene fades out and is replaced wispy clouds crossing a gibbous moon.]

Parks Canada logo

© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Parks Canada, 2012 Canada

Canada wordmark

[Moon and music fade out ]

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