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Jasper National Park

Sounds of Jasper National Park

Big Bend Campsite along the Fortress Lake Trail Big Bend Campsite along the Fortress Lake Trail © Rogier Gruys

In Jasper it is easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, the beeping of electronics and the wails of sirens. On your next visit to Jasper, immerse yourself in the sounds of a rushing waterfall, the wind whistling through the trees, or the dawn chorus of song birds.

Here are some easily accessible places to quietly enjoy the natural sounds of the mountains. Please respect the natural sounds of these places by keeping noise to a minimum.


The Whirlpool Valley  View of the Whirlpool Valley from Whirlpool Campground
© Rogier Gruys

Whirlpool Valley

Walk or ride your mountain bike along the old fireroad for 7km to the Whirlpool campground. Enjoy your lunch while looking over the peaceful Whirlpool Valley, enjoying the sound of the river, and the wind whistling through the trees.
Access: drive highway 93A to Moab Lake Road. Park at the end of the Moab lake road.



Beaver Lake Beaver Lake with the Queen Elizabeth Range in the background © Rogier Gruys

Beaver and Summit Lakes

Take an easy 2km stroll or mountain bike along an old fireroad to scenic Beaver Lake, or continue on to Summit Lake (5km). Sit by the lake for a snack, and enjoy the sound of the water lapping the shore and the wind whistling through the reeds. In winter, enjoy the peaceful silence in this valley.
Access: Maligne Road; Parking lot at SE end of Medicine Lake

Utopia Pass

Walk 1km along Sulphur Creek past the source of the Miette Hotsprings to the bridge across the creek. Enjoy the sounds of the creek from here, or walk another 1.5 km up to Utopia Pass, a peaceful flower meadow in the forest.
Access: Drive to Miette Hotsprings, 60km NE of the town of Jasper.

Big Bend  The view from Big Bend Campground 
© Rogier Gruys

Upper Athabasca Valley

From Sunwapta Falls, walk or mountain bike 7 km to Big Bend Campground, on the banks of the river. The campground provides a spectacular view over the Athabasca River valley. Enjoy your lunch at the campsite, while taking in the sounds of the river.
Access: Drive the Icefields Parkway 53km to Sunwapta Falls

Lower Sunwapta Falls

From the Sunwapta Falls parking lot, follow the trail downstream the river, which leads you to a smaller set of falls 1km from the main falls. Sit on the bench by the falls and enjoy the thunder of the water.
Access: Drive the Icefields Parkway 53km to Sunwapta Falls

Mona and Lorraine Lakes

Hike along the first 2.6 kms of the Skyline Trail to a pair of peaceful forest-encircled lakes.
Access: Drive to Maligne Lake, and park at the Bald Hills parking lot.

Lorraine Lake Lorraine Lake © Rogier Gruys

There are many more areas for you to explore. Whenever you are out on one of our many trails, take a moment to stand still and listen to the sounds around you.