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Transcript for Palisades Centre

Animated title sequence:

Welcome to the Parks Canada Palisades Stewardship education centre Here, youth make personal connections to the natural world and we hope,… …grow their sense of ownership for national parks and historic sites. Enjoy your visit!

[Youth walk around the banks of the Athabasca river while receiving instruction from Parks Canada staff.]

[On the banks of the Athabasca river, youth are writing in journals and talking to Parks Canada staff.]

Our programs run all year long, we have high school credit courses in grades 10 through to 12

[Youth work together to build a structure using rope and a tarp]

Well the plan is we make this nice and low so it's good enough for the heat to get in… ...and we won't lose too much heat, and then we'll just put a tarp over here I wouldn't mind it in extreme conditions, it's better than nothing!

[At another makeshift tarp structure a female youth takes us inside]

Look at it in there! It's so comfy!

[The youth gather around a campfire to roast marshmallows; one strums a banjo]

Our credit program in the spring is water experience, where you get to canoe raft and kayak

[Youth paddle in kayaks and canoes, first in the local pool, then on Lake Edith]

[An instructor performs an underwater escape from her kayak; the students do the same]

In winter we offer winter travel, where you downhill and crosscountry ski, snowboard, snowshoe and learn about avalanche safety

[A series of stills shows students and staff snowshoeing, skiing, walking over frozen rivers in a canyon and enjoying the winter months.]

[Students look out over a herd of bighorn sheep on top of Old Fort Point.]

In the fall we run a course called stewardship of protected lands Here, you learn about Parks and conservation issues and work directly with Parks Canada science specialists

[Warden Joe Storms addresses a group of students in front of a river.]

[Now in front of the river, the warden is wearing a survival suit and instructing the students on swift water safety.]

The Palisades also provides day programs on topics like Fire, species at risk, survival and forensics All of our programs are active learning experiences in spectacular Jasper National Park

[The students get into a large raft on the Athabasca and go for a ride.]

[One student stands up and paddles the raft, others smile and yell encouragement]

Yeah Joe! You're a monster! You're a beast!

[We cut to the kitchen at the Palisades where chefs Ramsey and Jess are preparing souvlaki and greek salad for dinner.]

[A hand rings the dinner bell and we head inside]

The food's awesome here. I love it. It's so good… like, so good.

[The students are outside painting landscape portraits in watercolor.Two students show their paintings to the camera and laugh.]

[A group of students work together to help eachother onto a boulder for a photograph; we then cut to Jeanine who is standing in front of the equipment store house at the Palisades centre.]

This special place is for all Canadians I want to personally invite you to come out and share the experience Check us out at

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