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Jasper National Park


Summer in Jasper National Park

Summer in Jasper National Park

It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s what brings nearly 2 million people here year after year. Long days allow you ample time to explore the park, and warm weather tends to bring the wildlife out of hiding.

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Top 5 Summer Activities in Jasper

Wildlife Watching

1. Wildlife Watching
Roadside wildlife is as common in Jasper as parking meters are in the city. On any given summer day, it usually just takes a slow drive and a sharp eye to spot a majestic elk, a snacking bear or a wily roadside coyote.


Hit the Trails

2. Hit the Trails
With a well-connected system of nearly 1000km of hiking trails, and 300km of multi-use trails (biking, hiking, backcountry trips, horseback riding, road cycling), Jasper is the perfect place to actually experience nature while avoiding crowds.

Great Canadian Camping

3. Great Canadian Camping
Plug in your RV and put your feet up, pitch a tent on the edge of a lake or rough it (without getting your clothes ruffled) in our new oTENTiks packaged camping experience.

Scenic Journeys © Canadian Tourism Commission

4. Scenic Journeys
For some, the trip is more important than the destination. That’s why the Icefields Parkway is known as the most spectacular road in the world. Frequent roadside picnic areas will allow you to stop and pick up your jaw once in a while.

Real Mountain Like © Tourism Jasper

5. Real Mountain Life
The charming (if somewhat eccentric) town of Jasper is in a place where you can climb a snow-capped peak one day, and tan on the beach the next. If we don’t even follow the laws of physics here, you can’t come expecting “the usual”.

Other Summer Activities