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Jasper National Park

Welcome to the Jasper Red Chair Program

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Lake Edith Red Chair
What are the Jasper Red Chairs?

Starting in June 2014, Parks Canada is placing six sets of red Adirondack chairs with great stories at each place out on the landscape in Jasper National Park for YOU to DISCOVER. Some are easy to find, while others require more of an adventure.

How many of them can you visit when you visit Jasper next?

Where are the Red Chairs in Jasper National Park?

There are two ways to find the chairs in Jasper!

Jasper Red Chair Program

1. Print a map - and try to find them in these six locations around the park:

  • Lake Edith Day Use Area
  • Pyramid Overlook Trail (2b)
  • Lower Maligne Day Use Area
  • Old Fort Point Trail on the “second summit”
  • Wilcox Pass Trail
  • Valley of the Five Lakes between Third and Fourth Lakes.

Follow some of these direction pointers when you are out on the trail to help you find them!

2. Have a GPS? The UTM Coordinates are:

  • Lake Edith Day Use Area UTM: E 429628.4; N 5862555.1
    Pyramid Overlook Trail (Trail 2b) UTM: E 426442.2; N 5864364.2
  • Lower Maligne River Day Use area UTM: E 440631.4; N 5860893.1
  • Old Fort Point Trail UTM: E 429638.9; N 5858135.6
  • Wilcox Pass Trail UTM: E 486433; N 5785835.2
  • Valley of the Five UTM: E 432213.1; N 5852319.7

They have been placed in quiet, scenic locations carefully selected by Parks Canada staff because these places inspire the truest sense of ‘awe’.

Where Did the Red Chair Idea Come from?

Our friends at Gros Morne National Park installed 18 sets of chairs around their park almost two years ago. Visitors have been seeking them out and sharing their chair adventures ever since! The program is now growing to include a number of other national parks, and Jasper is one of them!

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Elk Island National Park also has a Red Chair this summer.

Here is the UTM coordinate:
E 0378966; N 5949052