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Jasper National Park

Volunteer Opportunities


Interested in lending a hand? Here are some volunteer opportunities for you to consider.

Caribou Ambassador 

Become a volunteer trail ambassador or trailhead host in support of caribou conservation!

Caribou Ambassador

LEARN about caribou
SHARE the knowledge
BUILD awareness
PROTECT a Species at Risk

Project description:
Caribou ambassadors will provide information to visitors on caribou in the mountain national parks and Parks Canada’s caribou conservation actions. The tasks require good communication skills and the ability to work independently. Trail ambassadors will need a reasonable level of fitness, experience in hiking in alpine terrain, and may be required to have basic wilderness first aid certification.

Volunteer Tasks:

  • Trail Ambassador or Trailhead host for the Maligne Lake and Cavell/Tonquin Areas: provide visitors with information about travel in caribou habitat and updates on caribou conservation.
  • Community Outreach volunteer: assist with caribou awareness events in Jasper or host awareness events in your own community.

Trailhead hosts and trail ambassadors are required from June through September. Scheduling is flexible but we are looking for a commitment of at least 8 days in the four month period.

Community Outreach volunteers:
These opportunities will be on an as needed basis.

Training/Orientation Provided:

  • Parks Canada mandate and JNP information.
  • “In class” learning sessions on caribou biology, ecology, conservation issues and actions, key PC messages, “on location” training and safe travel orientation (for trail ambassadors).

For more information contact Shelley Bird at:
Parks Canada Caribou, Jasper National Park
Box 10, Jasper, AB
T0E 1E0

Phone: 780-852-6204

Become a Park Steward on Your Own Schedule

Become a Park Steward

We’re busy looking for a group of interested people to act as occasional Park Stewards. You’ll be asked to help out whenever you can on projects relating to the environmental stewardship of the park, restoration of certain cultural resource sites and possibly to help with various volunteer labour needs that may arise from time to time.

There is no minimum commitment, as you will just be joining a volunteer pool of other interested people like yourself. Say YES to the projects you are available for and help out once or as many times as you can throughout the summer. This is great for people with a flexible schedule, and ideal for people interested in getting some short term experience. Some of the areas Park Stewards help with are trail condition reporting, litter picks, research assistance and much, much more.

Park Stewards will also be able to volunteer in the fall and winter on opportunities as they arise and may work with projects that are shared with other volunteer partners in Jasper.

Other Jasper Opportunities

Friends of Jasper National Park, Jasper Yellowhead Museum, and many others have a wide range of volunteer opportunities available including trail work, clerical help, cultural resource assistance and work bees of many kinds.

For more information contact the Jasper National Park Volunteer Program Coordinator at:

Other Parks Canada Volunteer Opportunitites

Interested in volunteering elsewhere with Parks Canada? Check out the national volunteer webpage