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Backcountry Trips

Guidelines for Winter Use in the Backcountry

(November 1 to April 30)

The following guidelines are in place to help plan winter trips that are safe for both people and the environment.

Basic Principles

All backcountry users are expected to practice Leave No Trace principles.


As in summer, backcountry users are permitted to camp at designated campsites.
Random backcountry camping is also permitted in the winter. Random camps must be set up at least 5 kilometres from a plowed road 1 kilometre from a trail. Tents must be set up out of the sight of a day user. Random camping is not permitted at the Bald Hills, Spirit Island, Parkers Ridge or Whistlers Creek.
Fires are permitted in designated campsites and random campsites except:
• The Tonquin Valley
• The Skyline Trail
• The Geraldine Lakes Trail
• The Jonas Cut-Off Area
unless it is a life-threatening emergency.

Human Waste

If camped at a designated campsite, campers must locate and use the privy, go at least 100M from the campsite, or pack out all solid waste and toilet paper.
If random camping, campers MUST select a location at least 50M from summer surface water and burn all toilet paper.