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Elk Island National Park of Canada


Friends of Elk Island Soceity Membership/Donation Form
Friends of Elk Island Soceity Membership/Donation Form
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Join the Friends of Elk Island Society!

Do you want to make a lasting contribution to Elk Island National Park? The Friends of Elk Island Society is a non-profit, co-operative association that works with Parks Canada to protect, preserve, and promote Elk Island National Park. Through our efforts, we hope to increase public awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment of Elk Island National Park.

Membership fees and donations help support:

Preservation and Conservation

We fund research and restoration programs such as the Wood Bison Relocation Project and the Trumpeter Swan Reintroduction Project.

Increased Public Awareness, Understanding, and Appreciation

We promote and provide volunteer staff for annual Park events such as Take a Hike and Litter Blitz. We also sponsor activities such as family ski days, photo contests, and BBQ's.

Become a member and ... "

  • Shape policy by voicing concerns and electing volunteer board members.
  • Participate in meetings, projects, and special events.
  • Develop skills through volunteer activities.
  • Receive The Trumpeter, our quarterly newsletter of events and information.
  • Enjoy 10% merchandise discount at "Friends of" sales outlets across Canada.

Membership Fees:

$10.00 Individual
$15.00 Family