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Elk Island National Park

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The Bison Festival A celebration of conservation, culture and cuisine! (NEW)

A group of Plains Bison stand on the parkway in Elk Island National Park
© Parks Canada

Saturday August 9, 2014
Bison were nearly lost from North America! But by the early 20th century, bison purchased from Montana and brought to Elk Island National Park began to slowly re-build their numbers. Today nearly every plains bison you see in southern Canada, whether in conservation or domestic herds, had an ancestor in Elk Island National Park. We think that’s something to celebrate! Join us for a rip-snorting good time at Elk Island National Park’s first Bison Festival, celebrating all things bison!

Take in the view from one of our red chairs
© Parks Canada

The Red Chairs are in Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park has added a new way to enjoy some of your favourite park views. Sit back and take it all in as you relax in the comfort of a red Adirondack chair.

Where are the red chairs in Elk Island National Park?

The red chairs are located on the hill south of Sandy Beach in the Astotin Lake Recreation Area. Stunning lake view and sunsets await you in the red chair. Have a GPS? The UTM Co-ordinates for the red chair are: E 0378966, N 5949052 (NAD83)

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Jasper National Park also has red chairs this summer. 

 Red chairs will also be at the Alberta Gallery of Art in Edmonton!

Be sure to visit the red chair display from July 1st to August 17th at the Alberta Gallery of Art in downtown Edmonton to get a taste of what you will find in Elk Island and Jasper this summer, and a chance to visit their Lawren Harris and Byron Harmon exhibits at the same time! There’s a special contest you can enter to win by checking them out! More information? Visit:

Park Programs Begin June 28, 2014

Visitors enjoy programs hosted by Parks Canada interpreters.
© Parks Canada

On June 28th the Elk Island National interpreters kick off the 2014 summer season with an exciting new lineup of park programs for visitors to enjoy!

NEW this summer


Join park interpreters this summer for a live performance celebrating how Elk Island National Park contributed to the survival of plains bison. The program will be scheduled frequently throughout the summer and launched on Canada Day. Don’t miss it!


Your behind-the-scenes VIP access to bison conservation at Elk Island National Park begins at the Visitor Centre! Experience a tour of the Plains Bison Handling Facility featuring hands-on activities and demonstrations.
There are many more great new programs this season. Find the park program schedule here.

Elk Island is now on Twitter!

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Elk Island National Park is now on Google Streetview!

Google filming at Astotin Lake
© Parks Canada

You can now visit over 50 national historic sites and national parks from coast to coast on Google Maps or Google Earth. In 2013, Google visited Elk Island National Park. The data collected is now online for you to visit.

Visit Google Maps or Google Earth and enter the name of a Parks Canada site to let the magic unfold. 
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