Elk Island National Park

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Big Bison News!

Plains bison enter the Elk Island National Park plains bison management facility.
© Parks Canada

Once again Elk Island National Park is rounding them up and shipping them out! On March 10, 2014, on behalf of the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment and Minister Responsible for Parks Canada, Mr. Leon Benoit, Member of Parliament for Vegreville - Wainright, announced that 73 more young bison from Elk Island will find a new home on American Prairie Reserve in Montana.

Two park visitors play the part while touring the plains bison facility.
© Parks Canada

On the Minister’s behalf, Mr. Benoit also announced an initiative to further highlight bison and provide more opportunities to see and learn about the rich stories surrounding this magnificent species. The Parks Canada Bison Initiative is a suite of projects developed to improve visitor opportunities and habitat for bison, and to highlight the important role Parks Canada has played in the conservation of bison. Learn more: click here for the official press release.

Elk Island National Park is now on Google Streetview!

Google filming at Astotin Lake
© Parks Canada

You can now visit over 50 national historic sites and national parks from coast to coast on Google Maps or Google Earth. In 2013, Google visited Elk Island National Park. The data collected is now online for you to visit.

Visit Google Maps or Google Earth and enter the name of a Parks Canada site to let the magic unfold. 
Google Maps

This project came to life working with Google Canada to present Canada’s most treasured places for worldwide visitors to explore. Throughout the summer of 2013, Google teams travelled across Canada to capture the most beautiful panoramas of the country's natural and cultural heritage.

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