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Elk Island National Park

What's New

Red Chairs at Elk Island

Red chairs located around Elk Island offer front row seats to nature’s beauty.
© Parks Canada

Pairs of bright red chairs are waiting to be discovered at special locations throughout Canada’s national parks. Strategically placed at awe-inspiring viewpoints, the chairs encourage visitors to pause and soak up the best that Parks Canada has to offer. Elk Island National Park launches its Red Chair Experience in May 2015. With 5 sets located throughout the park, some are easy to find, some more challenging. Can you find them all?

Equipped Camping in Elk Island National Park

A group of young adults enjoy camping at Elk Island National Park
© Parks Canada

No gear? No problem! Elk Island National is proud to continue its Equipped Camping program for the 2015 season. Visitors are welcomed with basic camping gear (excluding cookware), including a tent that is already set up! Whether visitors are new to camping or simply looking for a hassle-free experience, Equipped Campsites make this classic Canadian pastime both affordable and convenient. Sites are available on the Parks Canada Reservation System for $55/night.

Star Evening Programming

The northern lights and the big dipper shine over Elk Island National Park.
© Yuichi Takasaka

Ever wonder what the night sky above Elk Island National Park looks like? Coming this August, join our Parks Canada interpreters around a campfire to discover the wonders of the night sky, count stars and maybe catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis. Interpretive programs run August 22, September 6, September 12, September 19, September 26 and October 2 at 7 pm, Astotin Lake Area (weather dependent).

Elk Island Baby Bison Photo Gallery

A baby bison runs through the grass at Elk Island National Park.
© Parks Canada

Spring is in the air and the baby bison are in the meadow!

May and June is calving season for the bison and a great time for viewing bison and the newest members of Elk Island’s bison herds. These little red bundles of joy are full of energy and love to romp and play. It’s time to gather your family and friends and welcome the next generation of bison at Elk Island National Park.

Check out some great images of bison calves in our new baby bison gallery.