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Grade 5 - “National Treasures & Wetland Wonders”

  • Program Type – Field Study, Workshop & Games
  • Location – Astotin Lake Area and “The Bog” study site
  • Program Length – 4 hours (including break)
  • # of Participants – 30 / Class, 3 classes / day (max.)

Grade 5 students participate in a full day of discovery in the “National Treasures & Wetland Wonders” program. This three -part program takes Canadian geography beyond the political divisions and introduces students to the terrestrial eco-zones that shape Canada’s landscape. Students explore the wonderful world of wetlands found in Elk Island National Park and throughout the Beaver Hills as they participate in field studies at two very different wetland locations.

  1. National Treasures – Canadian Geography
    Students connecting with and learning about aquatic environments.
    Students connecting with and learning about aquatic environments.
    © Parks Canada

    During this 1.25 hour fun and interactive program, students are introduced to the diversity of Canadian geography, natural resources and Parks Canada’s National Parks, Historic Sites and Marine Conservation Areas. Students work together to find the answers they need to solve a geography puzzle, then put their knowledge to the test with a “Where in Canada is..?” floor map game.
  2. Wet Land Wonders – “The Living Waters” Pond Field Study
    This 1 hour teacher- led program is more than just a pond study, it’s an engaging way to get students out of the classroom and get their hands wet. Elk Island National Park supplies all of the materials required for students to experience the rich diversity of life in, on and around the pond. Teachers help students identify invertebrates and explain how they interact in a wetland ecosystem, using the reference material provided.
    Materials include dip nets and trays, identification sheets (invertebrate, plant, bird and mammal), binoculars (for teachers and helpers), material samples (hides, etc.) and lesson plans.
  3. Wetland Wonders – “The Bog” Field Study
    Where is the water? Explore this question with Parks Canada staff as they lead this 1.25 hour field study of a bog ecosystem. Staff will engage students as they discover the answer to this question and many others related to life in the bog. Students will also learn how life in a bog is different from other wetlands and how the wetlands of the Beaver Hills interact with other terrestrial ecosystems.