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Elk Island National Park of Canada

Park Programs

Elk Island visitors learn to make traditional indigenous crafts in a teepee.
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Ever wondered how fast a bison can run? Or how to catch one? You can find the answers to these questions at an Elk Island National Park interpretive program.

Join our Bison Backstage walking tour to get a behind the scenes look at how Elk Island helps conserve bison both at home and abroad or let our interpreters serenade you with the musical story of our bison herd in the Bison Will Rise Again Musical. If you can’t catch one of our interpreters during a scheduled program, don’t worry. You’ll be able to find them walking through the Astotin Lake area with a beaver pelt, a moose antler and plenty of knowledge to answer your Elk Island questions! Or you can visit them at the Astotin Theatre

Park interpretive programs are scheduled throughout July and August. Check out to this page in May for a full summer program schedule.

Learning Experiences