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Banff National Park

Plains Bison Reintroduction

Bison grazing Bison grazing in Alberta's Rocky Mountains.
© Sam Wirzba

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Parks Canada proposes to reintroduce a small herd of plains bison into Banff’s eastern slopes, a remote wilderness area that provides the wide, grassy valleys that bison need to thrive. The five-year reintroduction project would be a small-scale and reversible initiative to inform future decisions regarding bison restoration in Banff National Park over the long-term.

Bison reintroduction would:

  • Return a native species to Banff National Park
  • Create new opportunities to reconnect Canadians and visitors with this iconic animal.

Between October 27 and November 30, 2016, Canadians shared their feedback on the  Detailed Environmental Impact Analysis (DEIA) of the plan. The comment period has now closed. We thank everyone who participated.

Next steps:

  • We will compile, review and carefully analyse all public comments received.
  • Your comments will help us identify potential issues or opportunities related to the project that may have been missed or not fully considered. Feedback will also be used to inform any needed revisions to the Detailed Environmental Impact Analysis.
  • We will create a Determination of Impacts based on the final DEIA.
  • We will consider the Determination of Impacts, public comments, and any other relevant information to make a final decision on whether and how the project may proceed.