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Snowy Spring: Tough for Some, Good for Others

This spring – and we’re talking May - higher-than-average snowfall amounts persisted across most of Banff National Park. While deploying cameras in early May, we saw plenty of tracks (including those of grizzly bears) where the animals were forced to wallow through deep tracts of snow.

The deep snow is especially hard on animals like this moose and elk in the Spray Valley which, unlike the lynx, penetrate to the bottom of the snowpack with each step. Wolverines, on the other hand, are the opposite: not only do they have large, snowshoe-like feet that keep them closer to the surface of the snow, but their amazing sense of smell (able to detect a bone under 5 metres of snow) will lead them to the higher-than-normal number of winter-killed ungulates that will be available for scavenging this spring.

 Elk /© Parks Canada

 Lynx /© Parks Canada

Moose / © Parks Canada

 Wolverine /© Parks Canada

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