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Neo Trio – An elusive wolf pack shows its colours

Wolves - like grizzly bears - encounter and communicate with other animals at kill sites and at grizzly bear rub trees mostly by leaving scent marks behind. These wild communication hubs have netted us some astounding results in the past (A Wild Day and What’s That Smell).

This spring, our monitoring team was surprised to find a series of stunning images showing three wolves leaving their mark at a communication tree up the 40-mile Creek valley. After carefully comparing our knowledge of the Bow Valley pack (generally black and grizzled gray in colour) and the Fairholme pack (all gray), we determined that these three wolves don’t belong to either one! . This upper Cascade Valley/Panther pack is more elusive and remote than those we see more frequently in the Bow Valley. Here are the first Wild Images we’ve ever seen of this trio of wolves!

Watch the video in HD on Youtube