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Banff National Park

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Meet our experts. Speak with the Superintendents. Get involved.

Join us at the 17th annual Planning Forum on November 19th and 20th. This is your opportunity to review and discuss Parks Canada’s progress in implementing the Park Management Plan and to examine Banff National Park’s future together. This year’s forum features an open house with park managers and experts, as well as the Year-in-Review presentation and Q&A session with park Superintendents.

Community Open House
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
4-8 pm, Story Hall
Cave and Basin National Historic Site, Banff

Come on in—our doors are wide open. This is your invitation to a behind-the-scenes look at Banff National Park’s achievements in conservation, restoration and connecting Canadians to their natural heritage. Grab a coffee and come speak with our park managers and specialists at our community Open House.

Thursday, November 20, 2014
7-9 pm, Harkin Hall
Parks Canada Administration Building, Banff

Passionate about Banff National Park? Here’s your chance to sit down with park Superintendents as they share the Year-in-Review presentation. The informal evening will showcase the park’s achievements, collaborations and partnership with stakeholders and the public. Hear first-hand about Parks Canada’s international leadership in conservation, restoration and connecting Canadians to nature through innovation and programming. The evening will conclude with a question-and-answer period.