Banff National Park

Geocaching on Snowshoes

Parks Canada is proud to announce the creation of three new geocaches around Lake Louise. The geocaches are each found on one of the two new snowshoe trails at Lake Louise and are accessible only in the winter (December to late March).

Stop by the Lake Louise Visitor Centre to ask for your Lake Louise Winter Trails guide and the New Snowshoe Trails handout. Please note that the Lake Louise Visitor Centre is open Thursdays through Sundays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. We recommend that you check the trail report for the most up-to-date conditions.

Enter the coordinates into your GPS or smart phone GPS app to discover some hidden wonders.

Wildlife Survival Strategies

Have you ever wondered how the animals that live in Lake Louise manage to survive the winter? Find the cache at N51°25.181 W116°13.260 to discover how local residents survive the long, cold winter.

The Snow Forest

Experience the wonder of the snow forest. Find the cache at N51°25.158 W116°13.038 to discover how the wintery conditions have shaped life in the mountains.

The Snowshoe Legacy

Travel through the beautiful winter landscape around Lake Louise; find the cache at N51°24.873 W116°13.051 to discover how snowshoes helped shape the history of Canada.

Please do not place any trade items in this container. We prefer that visitors focus on the location of the cache and story that the cache will communicate, rather than trade items. This will also prevent a cache from containing items that may attract wildlife.