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Species at Risk

Inner Bay of Fundy Salmon

Salmo salar

How can I help?

IBoF Salmon with acoustic tags.  The red tag on the bottom fish identifies its parental lineage.
IBoF Salmon with acoustic tags.
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Looking to the future

Parks Canada, within the National Recovery Team, is committed to help save the inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon. Population recovery strategies are flexible in order to adapt to new information required through ongoing research and its member’s determination to make a difference is strong.

However, society also needs to understand its role in protecting species at risk. Here are examples of what you can do to support wild salmon populations with:

Knowledge by:

  • Learning more about environmental stresses and survival challenges.
  • Understanding the impacts of these stresses.
  • Building awareness of environmental regulations. Towns, provinces and the country have habitat regulations, which have been established to protect sensitive areas and species at risk from pollution, development, and resource exploitation.

Action by:

  • Joining stewardship programs and environmental groups. They will help you understand what is happening locally as well as gaining a better understanding of the environment.
  • Participating in restoration projects.
  • Being a better environmental citizen by making decisions that benefit Atlantic salmon.

Every one of us has a role to play in changing the way we treat our oceans and our world.