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Species at Risk

American Badger

Taxidea taxus jeffersonii

What is its status?

Recent studies show that the British Columbia badger population has declined to an estimated 250 adults. COSEWIC responded by listing the jeffersonii subspecies of American badger as endangered in 2000.

Why is the American Badger in danger?

Close up of an American Badger.
American Badger, jeffersonii subspecies. of Canada.
© R. Klafki

Yet this important wildlife species is declining in British Columbia. The reasons include fragmentation and loss of habitat, a decrease in prey species, and death caused directly by human activities.

Badgers like to live in open valley bottoms - the same places humans like to establish cities, roads, farms and orchards. Suitable badger habitat is being lost as a result, along with prey species like ground squirrels. And the increasing human activity-from vehicle traffic to farming operations-means more badgers die from vehicle collisions and even deliberate persecution as "nuisance animals."



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