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Species at Risk

Eastern Wolf

Canis lupus lycaon

What is the status of the Eastern Wolf?

Eastern Wolf
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In May 2001, COSEWIC listed the Eastern Wolf as a subspecies of special concern because it is so vulnerable to human activity.

Why is the Eastern Wolf in danger?

Two wolf packs, with 5 to 10 members each, regularly roam the small, 536 km2 national park. Yet their movements often take them beyond the park’s boundaries, where they are no longer protected.

Eastern Wolves often fall victim to trapping, hunting and road traffic. They are timid and easily disturbed by logging and recreational activities. Critical wolf habitat continues to be lost to agriculture, the timber industry, and urban expansion.

Many people have misguided perceptions about wolves. Some are afraid of wolves. Others view them as predators that threaten livestock and wildlife like deer and moose. People often don’t realize how important wolves are to ecosystem health.