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Species at Risk

Haller's apple moss

Bartramia halleriana

What is Parks Canada doing to help save the Haller's apple moss?

To protect Haller's apple moss, Parks Canada is actively involved in developing recovery actions and promoting research, public education and partnerships.

Research and Recovery

The Haller's Apple Moss Recovery Team, lead by Parks Canada, is preparing a recovery strategy and action plan for this species. Anticipated recovery and research activities include:

  • ensuring protection of the three currently known sites;
  • developing a model of suitable habitat to guide additional surveys in eastern British Columbia and adjacent Alberta ;
  • monitoring population tendencies, and
  • researching the interaction of Haller's apple moss with common apple moss.

Public Education

As more is known about the biology and distribution of Haller's apple moss, Parks Canada interpreters, researchers and recovery team members can promote the importance of this special moss and its requirements. This may include programs, brochures, interpretive signs, Web sites and more.

Working with Partners

Parks Canada staff from Jasper National Park and National Office are working with a variety of representatives on the Haller's Apple Moss Recovery Team, including:

  • the British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, and
  • the University of Alberta , Devonian Botanic Garden .