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Hydrocotyle umbellata

Quick Facts

This rare plant needs your help! Water-pennywort is protected in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site, but lives outside the park too. See how you can help protect this special plant.

How can I help?

Signs and rope protecting water-pennywort habitat.
© Parks Canada / Peter Hope / 1999

If you are visiting Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada:

  • You must respect the roped-off, closed areas of the lakeshore near the campground.
  • Stay on designated paths to avoid trampling vegetation.
  • When you explore by water, please avoid canoeing into thick vegetation.
  • When visiting the Park, participate in interpretive programs and activities to learn more about this special plant and how you can help. With this information, you can let other people know of the plight of the water-pennywort.

If you are outside Kejimkujik:

  • If you or your family has a cottage by a lake, make a concerted effort to favour natural vegetation along the shore, and try not to alter the shoreline or disturb the plants that are in the shallow water.
  • If you use an all-terrain vehicle, do not drive along the shorelines of lakes, which are sensitive habitats for this special vegetation.

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